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Readers recommend playlist: songs mentioning compass points
To the north, south, east and west this week with artists MIA, Frank Turner, Black Sabbath and Warren Zevon

Scott Blair

08, Mar, 2018 @12:00 PM

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Readers recommend playlist: songs about being trapped
Nina Simone, Warren Zevon and Corb Lund are among the artists stuck in various states of mire in this week’s reader-curated playlist

Scott Blair

20, Jul, 2017 @11:00 AM

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Readers recommend playlist: your songs about volunteering
Our reader explores the nominations you put forward and picks a playlist including Fats Domino, Alison Krauss, Motörhead … and Paper Lace

Scott Blair

10, Nov, 2016 @12:00 PM

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Readers recommend playlist: your songs with unusual rhymes
From Bill Bailey’s ode to Billy Bragg to the woes of marriage, here are some of music’s most weird and wonderful rhymes

Scott Blair

29, Sep, 2016 @11:00 AM

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Readers recommend: songs about hotels – results
RR’s veteran Marconius checks in with songs from last week’s topic

Marco den Ouden Ouden

15, Jan, 2015 @12:57 PM

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Warren Zevon: the man behind the demons

Hadley Freeman: The singer/songwriter, best known for Werewolves of London, died 10 years ago next month. His family and friends, including the writer Stephen King, explain why, despite his dark side, they still miss him

Hadley Freeman

01, Aug, 2013 @4:54 PM

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Between rock and a hard place

James Fenton reflects on a collaboration between the late Warren Zevon and the poet Paul Muldoon

James Fenton

20, Sep, 2003 @1:43 AM

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CD: Warren Zevon, The Wind

(Artemis Records/Rykodisc)

Alexis Petridis

12, Sep, 2003 @12:43 AM

Obituary: Warren Zevon
Cult musician and songwriter revered by Dylan and Springsteen has died aged 56.

Adam Sweeting

09, Sep, 2003 @1:29 AM

Last of the great songwriter satirists

Warren Zevon sounds gruffer and more despairing than ever - which suits Bob Flynn

27, May, 2000 @12:25 AM

Poor, poor, pitiful me

So your new album's all about old age and disease, then? Warren Zevon waits several moments before replying. "I think it has more to do with death," he decides, in his gravelly baritone. " 'Timor mortis conturbat me.' You know that poem?"

Adam Sweeting

17, May, 2000 @1:14 AM

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