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Henri Belolo, co-founder of Village People, dies aged 82
The producer, lyricist and promoter helped disco-era pop group to hits in US and UK, but later became embroiled in a legal dispute with their singer

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

08, Aug, 2019 @8:19 AM

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The greatest pop music dance crazes – ranked!
It’s 40 years since we first spelled out YMCA to the Village People’s disco hit – here are 15 of the best finger-pointing, hip-wiggling hits

Laura Snapes

04, Jan, 2019 @8:00 AM

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YMCA partners with Boy George to embrace eponymous gay anthem for first time
Australian branch of global Christian organisation says ‘challenging’ decision is a way to embrace issues of import to young people – including marriage equality

Brigid Delaney

20, Jun, 2017 @8:27 AM

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Who wrote the Village People's Y.M.C.A.?
A trial has opened to determine the rightful songwriter behind many of the disco band’s biggest hits, after a 2012 case reclaimed ownership of the songs’ copyright from their original publishers

Guardian music

10, Feb, 2015 @12:11 PM

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The Secret Disco Revolution – review
Indu Chandrasekhar: So it turns out that disco was actually a revolutionary tool that ended the oppression of women and black and gay people in the US. Who knew?

Indu Chandrasekhar

26, Oct, 2012 @3:33 PM

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Village People's policeman lays down the law on his right to royalties
Victor Willis wins landmark legal case to reclaim part-ownership of dozens of the group's songs

Sean Michaels

09, May, 2012 @1:31 PM

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How disco changed music for ever
Disco's 1970s heyday opened doors for black, Hispanic and gay people, and its influence lives on, writes Adam Mattera

Adam Mattera

26, Feb, 2012 @12:06 AM

Pickard of the Pops: Village People - Sex Over the Phone

Pickard of the pops: Got a little spare time? Join Village People for a spot of very safe, very expensive sex

Anna Pickard

26, Mar, 2009 @1:12 PM

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Village People's original policeman sues band
The former lead singer of the camp disco group proves he's really a Macho Man by suing the band's current lineup for using his image without permission

Sean Michaels

11, Feb, 2009 @10:34 AM

'Disco was the only time we were equal. No one cared if you were black or white'

After 25 years at the heart of Chic, Nile Rodgers tells Imogen O'Rorke how his band helped change the world

13, Dec, 1999 @1:17 AM

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