The Zutons

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Team GB Olympic playlists: Steph Twell, 1,500m runner

'Songs that press your buttons, you can't play them too often'

Interview by Tom Lamont

23, Jun, 2012 @11:01 PM

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Former DJ Hero developers set sights on mobile with 8linQ

Stuart Dredge: UK studio is preparing to release its first iPhone music game, armed with major label tracks

Stuart Dredge

13, Jul, 2011 @3:15 PM

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The Zutons' Dave McCabe broke man's nose 'in self-defence'
Band's chief singer and songwriter tells Liverpool court he was protecting himself after row over his girlfriend's coat

Sean Michaels

22, Sep, 2010 @11:10 AM

The Zutons, Bedgebury Pinetum, Kent

Bedgebury Pinetum, Kent

Paul Lester

09, Jun, 2008 @11:14 PM

Rock preview

The Zutons, on tour | Isle Of Wight Festival, Newport | Fleet Foxes, on tour

John Robinson

06, Jun, 2008 @11:11 PM

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Rock CD: The Zutons, You Can Do Anything


Ian Gittins

29, May, 2008 @11:10 PM

The first 10: The Zutons, You Can Do Anything

It's not their most immediate set but slowly, writes Craig McLean, their class becomes apparent

Craig McLean

18, May, 2008 @9:48 AM

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Music Weekly podcast: The Zutons and Micachu
We establish communication with cosmic scousers the Zutons to talk about their new album and we introduce you to the otherworldly talents of young Micachu

Paul MacInnes

16, May, 2008 @6:29 PM

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CD: The Zutons, Tired of Hangin' Around

3 Stars (Deltasonic)

Mat Snow

13, Apr, 2006 @11:50 PM

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Caroline Sullivan meets sci-fi trash-rock band the Zutons

No one expected the Zutons to make it big - least of all themselves. Caroline Sullivan meets the best sci-fi trash-rock band in Britain.

Caroline Sullivan

13, Apr, 2006 @9:33 AM

The Zutons, King's College, London

King's College, London

Betty Clarke

06, Apr, 2006 @12:08 AM

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Pop: The Zutons

Pop: Jenny Clover on The Zutons

Jenny Clover

27, Mar, 2005 @2:04 PM

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