The Monkees

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What I'm really watching: Monkees, Thunderbirds and kids' TV of the 70s
In the latest of our new series revealing the strange viewing habits brought on by self-isolation, one writer finds time to plumb the deepest depths of the 70s kids’ TV schedules

Paul Simon

27, Mar, 2020 @8:00 AM

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Peter Tork, bassist for the Monkees, dies aged 77
Accomplished folk musician and teen star helped move the guitar-pop band beyond their manufactured image

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

21, Feb, 2019 @5:40 PM

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The Monkees: Christmas Party review – festive mishmash best when guests chime in
A bit of a hodgepodge, this, with the guests providing the jingle bells

Michael Hann

14, Dec, 2018 @2:00 PM

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The 30 best boyband members – ranked!
From the Osmonds’ Donny to BTS’s Jimin, boybands have produced some brilliant performers behind the hair gel. Ahead of the release of Zayn Malik’s new album, we list the greatest

Michael Cragg

13, Dec, 2018 @1:00 PM

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From the Beatles to Rak-Su: the rise and fall and rise of the boyband
After a brief hiatus, a new wave of groups are reigniting our passion for guys with chiseled jaws and peppy pop hits

Peter Robinson

02, Dec, 2017 @10:00 AM

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Macca’s banjo, Mellotron and a Monkee: the story of George Harrison’s Wonderwall Music
Almost 50 years ago, the Beatle stepped aside from the planet’s biggest band to create the soundtrack to Joe Massot’s movie Wonderwall. With the help of India’s finest musicians, he invented the idea of the world music crossover

Graeme Thomson

23, Mar, 2017 @6:53 PM

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Readers recommend playlist: songs about winners
Our reader picks from the songs you championed for a victory-tinged playlist that spans musical genres

Stephen Males

01, Sep, 2016 @11:00 AM

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Readers recommend playlist: songs about opposites
A reader picks a list from your nominations – songs from Billie Holiday, Tracy Thorn and Pink Floyd all fitting the theme and making the cut

Sheila Deane

25, Aug, 2016 @11:00 AM

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From The Monkees to The Get Down: how music and TV try to stay in tune
Perhaps trying to court a younger demographic, TV networks are putting their muscle behind music drama – a trend that started back in the 1960s. But it takes a precarious mix of fame, talent and stellar songwriting to make these shows work

Mark Lawson

11, Aug, 2016 @2:13 PM

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The playlist – Americana: Scott Fagan, Hanging Stars, The City and more
A young singer songwriter full of well-smoked wisdom, a veteran psych-pop bluesman and a Carole King early, Laurel Canyon cut

Laura Barton

02, Oct, 2015 @4:56 PM

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Boybands: 10 of the best
Caroline Sullivan: From the Monkees’ scornful takedown of a social-climbing ex-girlfriend to a soft-pop humdinger penned by Gary Barlow in 15 minutes, here are 10 songs that prove being screamed at doesn’t make you talentless

Caroline Sullivan

17, Dec, 2014 @1:18 PM

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10 of the best: garage punk
Pull on your Chelsea boots, because we’re heading back to the mid-60s for its fiercest, toughest, angriest garage rockers

Michael Hann

30, Jul, 2014 @10:14 AM

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