Mona: Mona – review
Big rock from the Tennesseans who've been trying Kings of Leon's crown for size. Dave Simpson isn't impressed

Dave Simpson

11, May, 2011 @10:20 PM

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'I had an early lesson in manipulation'
They are a raw and raucous Nashville-based band who embrace the rock lifestyle, with a leader whose father was a preacher. Remind you of anyone? Chris Salmon meets Mona

Chris Salmon

23, Dec, 2010 @10:33 PM

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Video | Mona: How we wrote ... Trouble On the Way

Tennessee rockers Mona turn the Guardian studio's dials up to 11 with their new single, Trouble On the Way

Ben Kape, Paul Brogden, Andy Gallagher, Elliot Smith and Mustafa Khalili

23, Dec, 2010 @12:44 PM

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First Sight: Mona
These southern-fried Nashville rockers are on record as saying they're going to be bigger than U2. By Chris Salmon

Chris Salmon

14, Oct, 2010 @10:00 PM

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New band of the day – No 836: Mona
Boasting huge sounds and epic gestures, this bunch of 50s throwbacks are on a mission to be 'bigger than Bono'

Paul Lester

29, Jul, 2010 @4:00 PM

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