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Britpop songs – 10 of the best
For some it meant the arrogant swagger of Oasis and cheek of Blur, to others it stood for the perceptive wit of Pulp, but mostly the Britpop moment produced catchy tracks about youth on the move

Caroline Sullivan

15, Feb, 2017 @12:10 PM

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Cult music heroes: artists on their unsung idols

Who inspires Faris Badwan, New Order and Jake Bugg? From a north London rapper to a Turkish protest singer, these are the musicians who influence the stars

Interviews by Paul Lester

03, Jul, 2014 @5:33 PM

Luke Haines: Rock and Roll Animals – review
Luke Haines's usual sarcastic wit is matched with warmth, whimsy and beautiful tunes on this psychedelic storybook album, writes Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson

25, Jul, 2013 @8:15 PM

Old music: Baader Meinhof – Mogadishu

What kind of musician decides to write a concept album about terrorism and its consequences? Luke Haines, that's who

Nick Fletcher

06, Dec, 2012 @12:03 PM

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Luke Haines: 'I've been lucky all the way through'

Former 'saviour of UK rock' Luke Haines has never followed the unwritten rules of pop, as a surreal concept album proves. He talks to Jude Rogers

Jude Rogers

18, Nov, 2012 @12:05 AM

Post Everything by Luke Haines – review
By Jane Housham

Jane Housham

17, Apr, 2012 @8:10 AM

Luke Haines: Gorgeous George live session - video

Luke Haines performs an exclusive live acoustic version of Gorgeous George, from his album Nine and a Half Psychedelic Meditations on British Wrestling of the 1970s & early 80s

Ben Kape, Andy Gallagher and Richard Sprenger

19, Jan, 2012 @10:49 AM

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Luke Haines: Nine and a Half Psychedelic Meditations on British Wrestling … – review

Has one of pop's most misanthropic figures lightened up? Alexis Petridis detects a definite shift in mood

Alexis Petridis

24, Nov, 2011 @3:30 PM

Music Weekly podcast: Luke Haines

The ex-Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man introduces his concept album about 70s British wrestling. Plus there are reviews of new music from Willy Moon, 2:54 and Fanzine

Presented by Alexis Petridis and produced by Scott Cawley

21, Oct, 2011 @3:53 PM

Music Weekly podcast: Box sets and heavy metal

This week: what's hot in heavy metal, and we ask whether box sets are worth the money. Plus reviews of tracks from Massive Attack with Burial, Luke Haines and Eleanor Friedberger

Presented by Alexis Petridis and produced by Scott Cawley

15, Oct, 2011 @1:19 PM

Review: Bad Vibes: Britpop and My Part in Its Downfall by Luke Haines

Review: Bad Vibes: Britpop and My Part in Its Downfall by Luke Haines
Return of the misanthrope: Lynsey Hanley enjoys a gripe with a master

Lynsey Hanley

24, Jan, 2009 @12:01 AM

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Luke Turner on Luke Haines's book Bad Vibes

Luke Turner: From Oasis to Damon Albarn – no one escapes Luke Haines's wrath. But his curmudgeonly snipe at Britpop is a breath of fresh air

Luke Turner

20, Jan, 2009 @11:52 AM

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