Kristin Hersh

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Throwing Muses' Kristin Hersh: 'I knew integrity would pull me into the gutter'
With their 10th album inspired by a near-death ordeal, the alt-rock heroes discuss seeing their peers sell out as they stayed defiantly on the fringes

Daniel Dylan Wray

09, Sep, 2020 @1:24 PM

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Throwing Muses: Sun Racket review – intense as ever
The US indie rockers go back to basics on their atmospheric 10th album

Phil Mongredien

06, Sep, 2020 @12:00 PM

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Cult heroes: Kristin Hersh – the dislocated star of the 80s US indie scene
The intensely personal racket made by Throwing Muses was partly due to Hersh’s furiously independent, feminist muse, and partly down to dissociative disorder and a head injury

Mark Beaumont

24, May, 2016 @9:00 AM

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Kristin Hersh on Vic Chesnutt: 'I know what a broken heart is now'
The indie-rock singer used the pact she had with Chesnutt, Don’t Suck, Don’t Die, as the title for her new memoir that chronicles the pair’s deep friendship

Paul Oswell

15, Oct, 2015 @8:06 AM

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Throwing Muses/Tanya Donelly review – intense and fascinating
Donelly was in strident, declamatory form alongside stepsister Kristin Hersh and the rest of her former alt-rock cohorts, writes Ian Gittins

Ian Gittins

26, Sep, 2014 @3:07 PM

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Throwing Muses: Purgatory/Paradise – review
Kristin Hersh's first Throwing Muses album in a decade is a 32-song epic contained within a hardback book, and it's bewitching stuff, writes Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson

07, Nov, 2013 @10:15 PM

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Giant Drag – review

Annie Hardy's wry fatalism lifts her set – along with her knack of giggling dizzily through inevitable despair, writes Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont

18, Sep, 2013 @5:18 PM

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Lisa Hannigan: soundtrack of my life

The Mercury-nominated singer-songwriter on her operatic ambitions, her Michael Jackson obsession, and the redemptive power of Nina Simone. Interview by Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy

Interview by Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy

25, Mar, 2012 @12:04 AM

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Tori Amos, Kristin Hersh, Anton Corbin and more recall their big career firsts
From Tori Amos's dad chaperoning her at her first paid gig, to Don Letts DJing with only one deck, a host of stars recall the formative moments that kicked off their careers

Interviews by Nige Tassell

12, Jan, 2012 @9:00 PM

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Guardian Books podcast: Review of the year 2011

This year the Books podcast has travelled from Paris to Edinburgh and from Krakow to Kolkata. Come with us as we look back at the highlights of a year's literary podcasting

Presented by Claire Armitstead and produced by Tim Maby

23, Dec, 2011 @11:29 AM

Throwing Muses – review
It's an eerie, entertaining show, although more nostalgic than trailblazing nowadays, writes Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson

07, Nov, 2011 @6:31 PM

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Kristin Hersh: 'I hate music'

In the space of a year, Kristin Hersh landed a record deal, attempted suicide, was diagnosed as schizophrenic, and gave birth. The Throwing Muses star talks to Xan Brooks about her memoir

Xan Brooks

22, Aug, 2011 @8:31 PM

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