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Why Marc Bolan was 'the perfect pop star', by Elton John, U2 and more
The T Rex singer captivated generations with his strutting music and hyper-sexual charisma. As a tribute album is released, stars explain why he is glam’s greatest icon

Alexis Petridis

04, Sep, 2020 @5:00 AM

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Duffy has made peace. But social media won't let her
The singer’s brave statement about her rape shows how powerfully immediate social media can be – but these platforms can also distort the personal narrative of female stars

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

26, Feb, 2020 @4:42 PM

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Judge rules Kesha defamed Dr Luke by claiming he raped Katy Perry
Supreme court judge also orders Kesha to pay music producer $374,000 in late royalty fees

Laura Snapes

07, Feb, 2020 @1:57 PM

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Kesha: High Road review – back in the driver’s seat

Michael Cragg

02, Feb, 2020 @1:00 PM

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Kesha: High Road review – bringing the girl back to the party
Kesha’s fourth album sees her return to her party-girl 2010s persona, full of glitter-pop but with a new self-awareness

Aimee Cliff

31, Jan, 2020 @9:30 AM

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New rules: the destruction of the female pop role model
Somewhere between Britney and Billie Eilish, liberated by social media and their direct relationship with fans, millennial and Gen Z women claimed the right to be complicated pop auteurs

Laura Snapes

25, Nov, 2019 @1:12 PM

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Kesha: 'The world's going to burn up – I might as well have a good time'
Traumatised by her legal struggles with producer Dr Luke, the once hedonistic pop star felt she didn’t deserve to be happy. But now she is back with a new album – and ready to party again

Laura Snapes

08, Nov, 2019 @6:00 AM

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We need more than 'girl power' to solve music's sexist rot | Yomi Adegoke
Yomi Adegoke: A survey of 31,000 musicians suggests harassment in the industry is rife, yet it still pushes the same old ‘sex sells’ mantra

Yomi Adegoke

23, Oct, 2019 @3:43 PM

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Since U been gone: imagining Max Martin's Juliet jukebox musical
The Swedish producer’s debut musical sees Juliet ditching Romeo to move to Paris. We use his hits to plot the narrative

Laura Snapes, Michael Cragg, Anna Leszkiewicz and Owen Myers

29, Jan, 2019 @3:17 PM

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From YMCA to Bloom: charting the evolution of the gay anthem
As Pride celebrations kick off around the UK, we track how pop has reflected four decades of social change

Sophie Wilkinson

06, Jul, 2018 @10:00 AM

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Dr Luke denies Kesha's claim that he raped Katy Perry in libel case
In court documents the singer has alleged, via a text message with Lady Gaga, that the producer assaulted Perry, a claim he calls ‘false’

Guardian music

14, Jun, 2018 @3:28 PM

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Bob Dylan sings about gay love on LGBTQ wedding songs collection
St Vincent, Kesha, Ben Gibbard, Valerie June and Kele Okereke also appear on the Universal Love EP

Laura Snapes

05, Apr, 2018 @9:12 AM

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