Jim Morrison

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What happened to the bust from Jim Morrison’s grave? | Brief letters
Brief letters: Père-Lachaise cemetery | Days brightened by John Crace | Lessons for the left | Eric Allison’s million-pound answer

06, Nov, 2022 @6:20 PM

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‘I don’t have those stone testicles’: curator reveals secrets and myths of Paris’s famous cemetery
Benoît Gallot balances the needs of the city with those beating a path to legends such as Oscar Wilde at Père-Lachaise

Kim Willsher in Paris

04, Nov, 2022 @5:00 AM

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Doors guitarist Robby Krieger: ‘The music will outlast the crazy Jim stuff’
In the musician’s new memoir, he aims to tell the true, uncensored story of one of the greatest bands of all time while dispelling some long-running myths

Jim Farber

03, Dec, 2021 @7:23 AM

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‘Weird and wonderful’ fans mourn Jim Morrison in Paris, 50 years on
The Doors frontman died on 3 July 1971, but to the pilgrims by his grave, his charisma remains undimmed

Kim Willsher and Caroline Harrap in Paris

03, Jul, 2021 @5:16 PM

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The Doors’ greatest songs – ranked!
Ahead of the 50th anniversary of singer Jim Morrison’s death, we rank the LA band’s best tracks, from the summer of love anthem Light My Fire to the apocalyptic The End

Annie Zaleski

24, Jun, 2021 @11:02 AM

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Doors drummer John Densmore: ‘It took me years to forgive Jim Morrison’
When he was at the centre of the US counterculture, he lived in terror of his bandmate. Yet after the singer’s death, he fought ferociously to protect his legacy. But, he says, he still regrets not calling out Morrison on his abusive relationships with women

Jenny Stevens

08, Jan, 2020 @10:00 AM

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Bobby Klein's best photograph: Jim Morrison has a beer for breakfast
‘Lucky U was Jim’s favourite place to have breakfast. He ordered a beer and a chilli soup to line his stomach. He could sink six beers in an hour’

Interview by Thomas Hobbs

28, Feb, 2018 @11:16 AM

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Lynn Castle: the secret singer-songwriter who used to cut Jim Morrison's hair
She spent the 60s working as a hairdresser to the stars, while hiding in a closet to write music. Now, 50 years on, her debut album is finally being released

Wyndham Wallace

20, Jul, 2017 @2:26 PM

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Father John Misty review – Jim Morrison’s head on Jarvis Cocker’s body
The crazed Casanova doesn’t so much own the stage as lease the land for miles around in a pelvis-thrusting, guitar hurling show

Dave Simpson

12, May, 2016 @11:19 AM

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Marianne Faithfull: 'My boyfriend killed Jim Morrison'
Faithfull’s drug-dealer boyfriend gave Jim Morrison the heroin that killed him in 1971, she says

Guardian music

06, Aug, 2014 @6:28 AM

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Jim Morrison exposes himself on stage

1 March 1969: Number 14 in our series of the 50 key events in the history of rock music

Kitty Empire

11, Jun, 2011 @11:37 PM

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Video | Tomasky Talk: The Obama tax deal, the Start treaty and Jim Morrison's pardon

From congressional battles on Capitol Hill to Elizabeth Edwards' views on the afterlife and the Lizard King's exoneration, Michael Tomasky reviews the week's big political stories

Michael Tomasky and Jeff Spross

10, Dec, 2010 @3:17 PM

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