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Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, D12 review – old school hip-hop heroes are still masters of the mic
The focus of the 80s and 90s stars’ High Rollers tour is on storytelling rather than flashy staging, but it is a high-intensity show of real fire and focus

Arusa Qureshi

06, Dec, 2023 @1:07 PM

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Hip-hop gave us Public Enemy, Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar: after 50 years, this music demands proper respect | Nels Abbey
The movement born in 1973 is now global, an instrument for learning and a weapon for protest, says author and broadcaster Nels Abbey

Nels Abbey

11, Aug, 2023 @9:00 AM

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Why are Black rappers aligning themselves with the right? | Tayo Bero
Ice Cube has joined a long list of rappers who have cuddled up with conservative pundits and politicians

Tayo Bero

10, Aug, 2023 @10:09 AM

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem review – evergreen superheroes rise up from the drains
This new animated origin story for the reptilian fighters is unexpectedly funny, with a starry voice cast including Jackie Chan, Ice Cube and Giancarlo Esposito

Peter Bradshaw

27, Jul, 2023 @4:00 PM

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Ice Cube: ‘Keep your reparations. It’s about access to capital, and we’re being shut out’
As he gears up to tour the UK this year, the rapper and actor answers your questions on racial injustice, what he’d say to Eazy-E, and how he wrote the ultimate diss track

As told to Safi Bugel

15, Jun, 2023 @2:30 PM

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Post your questions for Ice Cube
Got something to ask the rap legend and acclaimed actor ahead of his UK tour? Send it our way and we’ll put it to him

Safi Bugel

08, Jun, 2023 @4:00 PM

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Mount Westmore: Snoop, Cube, 40, $hort review – harmless nostalgia and charmless bluster
The west coast rap supergroup’s album works reasonably well at times, but there are more misses than hits

Damien Morris

11, Dec, 2022 @1:00 PM

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Royal with attitude? Duchess of Kent admits to being Ice Cube fan
In Sunday Telegraph interview, 89-year-old reveals taste for rap, including Eminem, and tells of being a music teacher in Hull

Sophie Zeldin-O'Neill

21, Aug, 2022 @1:59 PM

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Cypress Hill’s B-Real: ‘I’ve been pulled over many times with a tremendous amount of cannabis on me’
The rapper answers your questions about his weed intake, the group’s appeal to 90s rock kids – and their beef with Ice Cube

As told to Dave Simpson

17, Feb, 2022 @1:00 PM

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The Glass Shield: a forgotten 90s drama shows the danger of broken policing
In Charles Burnett’s ever-relevant cop movie, unfortunately buried by Harvey Weinstein, a corrupt and abusive system is put on display

Craig Lindsey

26, Apr, 2021 @8:05 AM

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What Ice Cube's collaboration with Trump – and critique of Democrats – reveals | Malaika Jabali
The rapper is right to imply that Democratic politicians use Black voters without offering much in return. Republicans, however, are not our ally

Malaika Jabali

21, Oct, 2020 @10:25 AM

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#ZimbabweanLivesMatter: celebrities join campaign against human rights abuses
Stars and politicians including Ice Cube and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have spoken out adding to pressure on President Emmerson Mnanagwa’s regime

Nyasha Chingono in Harare

05, Aug, 2020 @5:00 AM

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