Henry Rollins

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Dreamland review – distasteful dystopian noir
Juliette Lewis plays an unhinged diplomat’s wife and party animal in this pulpy thriller about sex-trafficking gangsters

Cath Clarke

08, Apr, 2020 @1:00 PM

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NTS radio comes to Los Angeles with two-day-a-week programme
With hosts including Henry Rollins, the independent station from east London will broadcast every Thursday and Friday as it expands to the west coast

Guardian staff

10, Nov, 2016 @5:00 PM

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Henry Rollins: 'Trump fans are going to be very dangerous losers'
He’s a rich, white, heterosexual, educated American, so what does the former Black Flag frontman still have to be angry about?

Andrew Stafford

06, Sep, 2016 @1:17 AM

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Henry Rollins hits the fringe: 'On nights off, it feels like my guts are missing'
We asked the punk comic to keep a diary en route to his Edinburgh show. He describes what performing means to him and why he’ll ‘never have a straight job’

Henry Rollins

15, Aug, 2016 @12:23 PM

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Henry Rollins: ‘Our species is a ruinous pain in the ass’
The Black Flag frontman, alternative icon, public speaker and champion of the natural world takes humanity to task over its treatment of Mother Nature

Henry Rollins

26, Jan, 2016 @9:00 AM

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Henry Rollins review – heartfelt insights and the day he met a fan called Bowie
The former punk’s wordplay hurtles across countless subjects as he delivers self-deprecating comedy and walloping home truths

Dave Simpson

12, Jan, 2016 @1:47 PM

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Henry Rollins: 'Morrissey is no longer on my kill list'
Returning to the UK on a spoken word tour, the DC punk talks gagging on beauty, US Congress’ similarity to penguins, and people who deserve to be set on fire

Peter Robinson

06, Jan, 2016 @3:00 PM

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Henry Rollins on Trump: 'He would be a disastrous president'
The former DC punk and actor spoke about the US presidential election, calling Trump a ‘bored rich guy being crass’ and vouching for Bernie Sanders’s policies

23, Dec, 2015 @8:55 AM

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Penelope Spheeris: 'I sold out and took the money'
She made her millions as the director of Wayne’s World and The Beverly Hillbillies, but the film-maker would rather be remembered for her riot-causing punk series The Decline of Western Civilization

Ann Friedman

23, Aug, 2015 @4:00 PM

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Henry Rollins, Bethany Cosentino and more sign up to new kids TV comedy
Created by Hannah Montana producer Andrew Green, A History of Radness includes musicians from Smashing Pumpkins and Imagine Dragons in its lineup

Guardian music

12, May, 2015 @10:32 AM

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From Bad Brains to Cerebral Ballzy: why hardcore will never die
US hardcore reimagined British punk rock in the 1980s and launched a genre that has influenced independent music ever since

Lanre Bakare

20, Nov, 2014 @4:00 PM

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Henry Rollins attacks Robin Williams's decision to take his own life
The outspoken rock singer says in uncompromising article that suicide is unacceptable if it leaves children without their parents

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

22, Aug, 2014 @9:59 AM

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