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Faithless: how we made Insomnia
‘MTV forced us to change the first line. It was originally: I only smoke weed when I need to’

Interviews by Dave Simpson

19, Oct, 2020 @1:43 PM

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Rollo and Dido: return of the 50m-selling siblings who blundered into stardom
He’s the trance titan whose band Faithless got the world raving. She’s the angel-voiced sister whose talent he couldn’t see. We talk euphoria and cancer with the Armstrongs

Alexis Petridis

03, Oct, 2019 @5:00 AM

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Secret Garden Party 2013: what to look out for

Regina Spektor, virgin baptisms and naked trampolining are all on the cards at the Cambridgeshire festival this year. I can't wait, says Mark Beaumont. I can't wait, says <strong>Mark Beaumont</strong>

Mark Beaumont

25, Jul, 2013 @4:02 PM

The great rock'n'roll sellout

Gone are the days when bands would be scorned for getting into bed with corporate sponsors and brands, so what ever happened to "selling out"? Dorian Lynskey finds out

Dorian Lynskey

30, Jun, 2011 @9:00 PM

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The Hard Sell: Fiat Punto

"In assenting to Fiat's overtures, Faithless have not so much shyly assented as dived in legs akimbo"

Louis Pattison

27, Aug, 2010 @11:05 PM

Return to splendour: the Strokes and Faithless are back
Chris Salmon hails some welcome web resurrections

Chris Salmon

18, Feb, 2010 @10:30 PM

A Leap into the unknown

Your guide to the world's mysteries? Him out of Faithless

19, Apr, 2008 @11:00 PM

Faithless, Sheffield Arena

Sheffield Arena

Dave Simpson

10, Apr, 2007 @9:17 AM

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CD: Faithless, To All New Arrivals


Caroline Sullivan

24, Nov, 2006 @12:10 AM

CD: Faithless, To All New Arrivals

You can't fault the trio's ability to talk to a crowd. But why, asks Garry Mulholland, do they speak in glib soundbites?

Garry Mulholland

12, Nov, 2006 @2:09 AM

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Faithless, Alexandra Palace, London

Alexandra Palace, London

Helen Pidd

04, May, 2005 @11:31 AM

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Home entertainment: Faithless

The sounds of AC/DC, Little Feat and David Bowie can often be heard in the home shared by Faithless' Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz.

Interview by Will Hodgkinson

02, Jul, 2004 @1:49 AM

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