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I was a teenage Napster obsessive – and illegal downloading changed my music taste for good
The P2P giant was shut down 20 years ago this week. But the omnivorous mindset it encouraged in a generation resonates in the very best of today’s genre-smashing pop

Emma Garland

30, Aug, 2022 @1:44 PM

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Super Bowl: the ads, the music and everything but the football – as it happened
While the game raged on, there were several major ads and movie trailers and a much-anticipated half-time show from some hip-hop and R&B legends

Benjamin Lee and Adrian Horton

14, Feb, 2022 @3:09 AM

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Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige’s half-time show – an all-timer
The supergroup of hip-hop and R&B legends delivered the most entertaining Super Bowl half-time show in years

Sam Wolfson

14, Feb, 2022 @2:55 AM

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Will Dr Dre’s halftime Super Bowl show move the NFL beyond its race crisis?
The lineup’s too big to fail, and like the league’s efforts to address its race and gender problems, this too appears to be a no-win proposition

Andrew Lawrence

08, Feb, 2022 @11:00 AM

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Dr Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Mary J Blige and Snoop Dogg to perform at Super Bowl
The five multi-award-winning artists will perform on the same stage together for the first time at next year’s half-time show

Benjamin Lee

30, Sep, 2021 @9:42 PM

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Eminem: his 30 greatest tracks, ranked!
From horrorcore fantasies to soul-searching nightmares, here are the greatest moments from the Detroit rapper’s tumultuous career

Thomas Hobbs

20, Feb, 2020 @1:30 PM

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Eminem: Music to Be Murdered By review – potent force in search of targets
Another surprise album drop finds the rapper on stylish form, even as he scatters scorn wide – at young rappers, #MeToo sensibilities – and identifies with deadly outsiders

Alexis Petridis

17, Jan, 2020 @4:29 PM

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Dr Dre's 20 best productions – ranked!
As the Grammys announces it will honour the producer at its 2020 ceremony, here’s a look at his journey from gangsta rap pioneer to Beats billionaire

Alexis Petridis

07, Nov, 2019 @3:07 PM

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Bowie's gnome and Dr Dre's hospital: musicians' embarrassing early songs
Pop duo Tegan and Sara have re-recorded their high school songs – and they’re not the only songwriters to have started young

Michael Hann

25, Sep, 2019 @8:32 AM

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Dr Dre says daughter got into USC 'all on her own' – then fans point out $70m donation
Dre deletes Instragam picture after fans remind him of donation to USC in 2013 to create academy for arts, technology and business

Sam Wolfson

25, Mar, 2019 @4:30 PM

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Is this the real life? Why ‘official’ biopics skip the scandal and keep it safe
From Bohemian Rhapsody to Rocketman, can a film about an artist ever tell the truth when family and friends are involved?

Steve Rose

15, Oct, 2018 @9:00 AM

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Straight Outta Compton is a classic album – but did it help or harm 'Hub City'?
NWA’s seminal album was released 30 years ago this month. We take a closer look at the complex Los Angeles County locale that inspired it

Melissa Franklin

09, Aug, 2018 @11:00 AM

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