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Clearing the dancefloor: how club culture became a museum piece
In the pandemic, nightclubs have been turned into exhibition spaces, switching the craze for museums evoking clubs. It’s throwing fresh perspective on what dancing is even for

Holly Dicker

05, May, 2021 @12:00 PM

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The week in audio: Dance Divas; Atomic: How Dr Strangelove Exploded Pop Culture; Decode
A great week for music documentaries ranged from New York’s dance divas to pop in the nuclear era and a dazzling dissection of Dave’s debut album

Miranda Sawyer

01, May, 2021 @4:00 PM

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‘My energy comes from optimism’: the hopeful music of spring 2021
In part two of our series on the musicians foregrounding hope in their songs, Esperanza Spalding, Rostam and more discuss the importance of positivity

Christine Ochefu, Dave Simpson and Laura Snapes

28, Apr, 2021 @9:00 AM

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‘If not hope, then what?’: the musicians finding optimism in dark times
Against a backdrop of Covid, a striking number of musicians, from hard rock to jazz, made music rich with positivity. In the first of a two-part series, they tell their stories

Christine Ochefu, Dave Simpson and Laura Snapes

27, Apr, 2021 @7:23 AM

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Dawn Richard: Second Line review – joy and mess from a musical eccentric
The former Diddy collaborator brings Black female perspective to the fore in an ambitious collection of electronic sound

Kemi Alemoru

23, Apr, 2021 @7:00 AM

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‘I’m not ready for other people’s sweat to drip on me’: will clubbing survive the pandemic?
With mass events on the horizon, nightclubs are getting ready to welcome ravers again. But is there such a thing as a Covid-safe crowd – and will it be as fun?

Alexandra Jones

17, Apr, 2021 @7:00 AM

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Robyn: how her banana-eating stage antics redefined my concept of punk
In our latest fan celebration, Katie Hawthorne recalls how a thrilling gig in a muddy field – and a fruit snack – encouraged her teenage self to follow her own eclectic musical tastes

Katie Hawthorne

14, Apr, 2021 @2:57 PM

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Cher taught me to stand my ground during love, loss and grief | The fandom that made me
Ever since I heard Believe, the camp icon has soundtracked my strongest friendships and my lowest depths of despair

Angelica Frey

07, Apr, 2021 @1:00 PM

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Bassnectar: EDM DJ denies allegations of sexual abuse and human trafficking
A lawsuit accuses the US producer of grooming two underage women and manufacturing and possessing child pornography

Laura Snapes

07, Apr, 2021 @9:48 AM

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Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi: 'Can you spot which of us is the rock star?'
The former world snooker champion and the avant-garde musician have written a memoir as intriguing as their unlikely partnership

Miranda Sawyer

04, Apr, 2021 @8:30 AM

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UK nightclubs need financial help – and respect for their cultural importance | Finn McCorry
Club culture has suffered during the pandemic and lost out on government support, but it is also eroded by a lack of acknowledgment of its unique position in the arts

Finn McCorry

23, Mar, 2021 @8:01 AM

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Dance duo Justice begin legal action against Justin Bieber over design
Cease-and-desist letter sent to pop star, whose new album cover is accused of imitating Justice’s logo

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

18, Mar, 2021 @4:04 PM

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