Glastonbury 2013 day two – liveblog

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But no sooner have I said hello here than it is time to shut this blog down. Our evening blog, where we'll be covering the Stones, will be launching very soon. Thanks for reading this one – and check back shortly for the evening coverage. I'll be watching the telly, and collating the reports from our team out and about in the fields.

I've been watching on TV all afternoon, and it's been a hazy kind of day. Lots of acoustica; Elvis Costello revisiting past glories, Noah and the Whale doing the MOR thing they've rather mastered. Perfect for a warm afternoon. It's made me hope we get similar weather at the one festival I'm off to this summer, End of the Road.

Hi Michael! It's Paul

It appears that the cavalry has arrived. This is Paul MacInnes logging off. See you all tomorrow!

You can Bank(s) on Azealia!

Apologies to my colleague Rebecca NIcholson who posted this v amusing review of Azealia Banks's Other Stage show on the internet a wee while ago but I failed to post here. 

Evening all, Michael Hann here, taking over for the evening session from my sofa, with Laura Mvula currently serenading us on BBC3. Tweet me with tips on what to watch on TV at @michaelahann

John meets Johnny: the video...

As promised here's John Harris chewing the fact with the post-modern Mancunian icon. John says it was a good chat for an ambush interview

Witness: the fitness

Direct from our whizz-o participatory journalism tool (you can submit your own Witness images and video here), a nicely composed image of a slightly less nice tattoo.

Friday: the final verdict

Dorian Lynskey's review for tomorrow's Observer about yesterday's events is live online today. Here's a choice passage:

You pick your Friday headliner according to the mood. Chic turn the West Holts field into an open-air disco, delivering million-selling hits with the regularity of a jukebox, including ones that guitarist Nile Rodgers made with the likes of Diana Ross and David Bowie, although not, disappointingly, Daft Punk's Get Lucky. After the rough treatment it suffered at the hands of Professor Green earlier in the day, that song deserved a more dignified airing. For indie-rock business as usual there's Arctic Monkeys on the Pyramid stage. They sound confident and powerful but still lack that instinctive bond between band and crowd that makes a truly great headliner.

The smaller crowd at the Other stage confirms that Portishead are a strong-black-coffee kind of band. They're not for everybody, but hit the spots nobody else can. Having come a long way from the smoky hip-hop noir of 1990s debut Dummy, the Bristol band are formidable musicians who can turn on a dime from tremulous torch songs (Roads) to roaring post-punk techno (Chase the Tear) without losing momentum. There's even a political moment, during the brutally heavy Machine Gun, when the video screens broadcast anti-Trident slogans and, in an unexpectedly comic touch, the face of David Cameron firing lasers from his eyes.

Tweet updates

1. Caspar has availed himself of the latest social-media application, Vine. Suffice to say he's still getting used to it.

Hot. Pyramid.

— CasparLlewellynSmith (@CasparLS) June 29, 2013

2. Richard Barnes may have been eating the wrong type of mushrooms in his lunchtime stroganoff, his tweet suggests:

KT Tunstall expounding quantum theory at the Acoustic tent. We're all connected at a molecular level. #glastonbury @guardianmusic

— Richard Barnes (@barnesrichard) June 29, 2013

3. And, just to remind you there's things going on outside of Glasto, here's former X Factor champion Steve Brookstein wading into a subject he really should leave well alone:

What is wrong with Alec Baldwin saying "toxic queen" ?

— Steve Brookstein (@stevebrookstein) June 29, 2013


Everybody (interviews) Hurts sometimes

And here they are. Having a chat with our man Adam Boult. What is that house in the background?


Addressing recent rumours and quashing them

Rumour #1: Is Lady Gaga performing with the Rolling Stones?

Answer: No. We've checked with the relevant "people" and they deny the internet-borne tittle-tattle that's been flying around.

Rumour #2: Is Michael Hann dead? We haven't heard from him for a bit.

Answer: No. In fact, he's just filed another dispatch from his sofa!

I was just dozing off, then Ben Howard came on. He's singing Only Love. I didn't spring to life because I was overjoyed, but because every time I turn on the sodding TV I see Ben Howard singing this song. Every piece of festival coverage on Sky Arts features Ben Howard singing Only Love. The British Grand Prix features Ben Howard singing Only Love. The Returned features Ben Howard singing Only Love. Question Time features Ben Howard singing Only Love. Who will rid me of this turbulent singer-songwriter?


Attack the Block 9

What is Block 9? Who is Block 9? Why and WTF is Block 9? Here's a pictorial study of the deepest, darkest late night haven Glastonbury has to offer.

But if you can't be bothered with the gallery, the following image should give you a reasonable idea:

Block 9 revellers
Eyes front! Block 9 revellers have a nice time. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images


Kieran Yates, mouth about town

Any fans of the Music Weekly podcast will know our Yatesy has the gift of the gab. So who better to send out on pop star chat duties? Here's her latest video interview, with the highly affable Two Door Cinema Club.


Back to the music...

... and Mark Beaumont has been watching Noah and the Whale:

Sunny vibes at the Other stage as a besuited Noah and the Whale fiddle stylishly through their new album's title track Heart of Nowhere, Waiting for My Chance to Come and make us all feel as though we should've smartened up for the occasion. The bassist, for example, is wearing crushed velvet purple trousers with his three-piece, presumably having rushed here from a shift hawking in the Theatre field.



I blame GCHQ, trying to disrupt our Harry surveillance.


Republicans, hippies avert your eyes

We're hearing reports that Prince Harry is on site.

I say "we", I mean Caspar.

Prince Harry apparently on site, in backstage bar etc

Citizen journalists were dispatched to the scene, but no sighting was made of the prince. Glasto icon Kate Moss was spotted, however, sticking her head in the backstage bar, leaving promptly, in a pair of three-inch black heels.


John Harris pops into the cabin and, inbetween mouthfuls of vegan burrito, tells us more about his Marr encounter (Johnny is a vegan, as you all know):

Just had a very interesting and exciting chat with Johnny Marr around 90 minutes before his appearance on the John Peel stage, sure to be one of the highlights of this year's festival. About five months after the release of his criticallly applauded album The Messenger, Marr says he's already working on new material. "Right now, I'm getting with the programme, and I want to play the songs from the album to as many people as I can in the UK and the USA. But behind the scenes, I'm working on new titles and new lyrics and I'm really into writing."

He also talked about the very un-Mancunian climatic conditions. "I don't think very hot weather is conducive to the kind of music I make", he said. "So I'm probably like everybody else. It makes me wanna kick back and relax."

And then a cracking quote: "You can't be a postmodern Mancunian icon every day of the week. It's too bloody hard."

John's video chat with Johnny will be up on the site later today, and no doubt posted here, too.


Do you want to fly with my beautiful balloon?

A Chemical Brother tweets

Stone Circle..Balloon Circle more like #psssshht

— ed simons (@eddychemical) June 29, 2013

I can confirm that this is the case. Also love the replies

View from the couch

Michael Hann is at home watching the Beeb, making sure we don't miss nuttin'.

He writes in, having appeared to have had a Mvula-based "experience":

For those at home and wondering whether to watch something, or stick to Wimbledon, the BBC is currently streaming on its website the Strypes, Ady Suleiman, Badbadnotgood, Haim and Ben Howard, with an extract from Laura Mvula's set just ending on BBC2. Mvula's set is perfect for lying on the sofa with your eyes closed, letting it wash over you.


SCENES from around the world* (*fields in Pilton)

Glastonbury sunburn
Liking the hat Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire
Glastonbury revellers on hill
Sunshine, people, loving it, etc Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
Festival goers wearing vintage millitary uniforms on the Pyramid Stage on the forth day of the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts near Glastonbury, southwest England on June 29, 2013.  The sun was out for Britain's world-renowned Glastonbury festival, drying the mud underfoot as tens of thousands waited for the first ever performance here by the Rolling Stones. AFP PHOTO/ANDREW COWIEANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images
It's this kind of spirit that makes our country great Photograph: AFP PHOTO/ANDREW COWIEANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images/AFP/Getty Images

Scenes! From around the site. One group of people are going to be SIGNIFICANTLY sweatier than the others.


Bestiality, young and warm and wild and free

Alexis Petridis is cramming as much music into his lugholes as he possibly can, and feeds back on a serendipitous discovery.

"I was getting away from Azealia Banks, who really does have a bad attitude, and wandered into the Leftfield stage. It's supposedly a hotbed of leftwing activity and is being curated by Billy Bragg.

When I arrived though, Billy was doing a rousing rendition of his song Sexuality, only with the key word changed to 'bestiality'. He was joined in his performance by Phill Jupitus and and they went on to do a cover of Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now with 'job' changed to 'dog'"


Jaunty John and Johnny

Caspar tweets in. I have nothing to say beyond the observation that one man is clearly better practiced at giving cool photo face.

It's John Harris! And with him is @johnny_marr

— CasparLlewellynSmith (@CasparLS) June 29, 2013

Laura Mvula performs on the Pyramid main stage at Glastonbury
Laura Mvula performs on the Pyramid main stage at Glastonbury Photograph: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Photograph: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Laura Mvula is currently giving interview to my colleague Kieran Yates next door. Here she is earlier today on the Pyramid stage looking rather elegant.

The dress, which I have seen at close hand, is made entirely from SWAN.


What a beautiful day

Hallo everyone, Paul MacInnes here, stepping in for Caspar for the next few hours.

Just stepping into the Guardian's portable-cabin office for the first time, I can tell you it really is buzzing in here. Industrious souls to my left and right are trying desperately (and largely failing) to upload pictures.

It may be absolutely gorgeous weather out there but, speaking as a ginger, there remains the potential for things to go horribly wrong skin-wise. Safer in the cabin.

As an aside, how gutted would you be if you turned up expecting Bowie and got MS MR instead?


Michael Eavis is watching you!

Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Some crime news

As of about 11am this morning, there had been 160 reported crimes in total in site, with a 100-plus arrests. There have been 89 thefts from tents. There have been 42 drug related offences.

Play nicely festivalgoers!


This is happening right now:

Here's Two Door Cinema Club being interrogated by #Kieran_Yates @TDCinemaClub

— Adam Boult (@adamboult) June 29, 2013

Keef speaks

In case you didn't know, the Rolling Stones are playing at Glastonbury, tonight, I think.

Keef has been speaking to Radio 1 about how nervous he is.

"I think the only pressure we feel is that it is the first time we've done an outdoor show for yonks and English weather. Throwing in those two equations, yeah, there is maybe a little apprehension."

And why not Glastonbury before?

"It just never occurred. Many times it has been on the list of tours and stuff and for one reason or another it never coincided. [It's] like a black hole in space or something but in we go this time."

I'm looking forward to it because it is an iconic gig and it's an iconic band finally the two meet at last. In a way it's kind of weird that at last we've made it to Glastonbury. It's like building Stonehenge right?"

The singer in Keef's band has also been speaking – to the slightly posher Today programme on Radio 4. What has he got up his yurt for tonight?

"I'm not saying what we're doing. I can't tell [you] a setlist. It's nice to have a bit of a surprise."

Have a listen here.

LISTEN: John Humphrys meets @MickJagger #r4today #bbcglasto

— BBC Radio 4 Today (@BBCr4today) June 29, 2013


First celebrity to be seen getting mobbed: Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, slightly improbably.


Oh look who's just surfaced.

In official Glastonbury review parsing:

Who: Guardian music editor Tim Jonze.

Where and when: Guardian cabin, just now.

Dress code: Excellent Hawaiin shirt.

What happened: We can't be sure, but we know he got to bed at 6am.

Who's watching: His judgmental colleages.

High point: Most of last night by the looks of it.

Low point: This very moment.

In a tweet: "I don't feel good."

Putting on a brave face

— Adam Boult (@adamboult) June 29, 2013


Have just heard back from Caspar Llewellyn Smith, who's legged it up to the John Peel stage to check out these Bowie rumours:

Whoever this woman in a bra on stage is at the John Peel stage, I am telling you now it is not David Bowie.

Ah well.

(Edit: we just checked - it's MS MR)


If you're following this liveblog while actually at the festival, or if you're wondering which acts to check out on the BBC, here's a heads up on six bands you probably ought to watch today, including Johnny Marr, Major Lazer and the majestically-named Fuck Buttons.

Meanwhile, the Guardian's Anna Bruce-Lockhart reports:

Sitting in the Pyramid field, where Billy Bragg is trying to foment a revolution among the idling sun worshippers, urging us to rise up against all that is wrong with the world - oppression, nuclear armament ... the Daily Mail.

Apparently David Bowie's playing on the John Peel stage RIGHT NOW.

This might be one of those rumour things though. We don't know, and are dispatching a crack team of Bowie fans to have a look.

And if he's not there, at least they'll have had a nice jog in the sunshine.

We've just been having a quick look at the red tops' Glastonbury coverage.

According the the Sun, Wayne and Coleen Rooney have had £2,000 worth of Pot Noodles and vodka delivered to the festival site. 

Right. That's definitely true.


More from battle-scarred Glastonbury-botherer Rebecca Nicholson on the festival frontline:

It's like one big mellow dream-pop picnic at the Park, with everyone laying in the sun to soak up the bilingual haziness of Melody's Echo Chamber.


From the confines of this cabin we can just about hear Billy Bragg on the main stage – just the right thing for a sunny Glastonbury lunchtime.

@billybragg at #glastonbury said BNP and Islamic extremists were two sides of same coin, is now singing All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose

— Nick Lowles (@lowles_nick) June 29, 2013

As well as performing, festival stalwart Billy is also curating the Leftfield stage, which he wrote about for the Guardian earlier this month:

It's a shame that Richard Hawley turned down the offer to play Glastonbury because he believes the festival has lost its meaning, as he told Gigwise this week. If he had come down to Worthy Farm later this month, I could have shown him around the Leftfield tent, where we seek to provide a red edge to the progressive ethos that underlies the event. I could have introduced him to Sue Marsh, the disabled activist and blogger who is speaking on a panel addressing the harsh realities of the coalition's ideological austerity. He could have had a cup of tea with Lucy-Anne Holmes from the No More Page 3 campaign, who is taking part in a panel on feminism. We might even have found a seat for him in our discussion of how to mix pop and politics.

And that's before we even get onto the artists who will capture the festival's long history of political performance. At 3pm every day you'll find me hosting the Radical Round Up, with new artists who have something to say about the way the world is. Sean McGowan from Southampton, The Quiet Loner from Manchester and Louise Distras from Yorkshire, will all be making their Glastonbury debut there this year.

Read more

A lot of this festival liveblogging essentially involves sitting in not-particularly-glamorous backstage cabin drinking coffee while everyone else runs off having fun.

Then every so often sharply-dressed young chaps from indie bands come by for a chat, like Noah and the Whale did just a moment ago.

Word reaches us from the roving Rebecca Nicholson:

Rammed John Peel tent for Charlatans-a-likes Jagwar Ma. It sounds like the Shine 3 CD in here.

Guest post from the Glastronomy blog

Stephen Thomas from the Glastronomy blog popped into our cabin to dispel (or confirm) some myths about Glastonbury grub. Here's what he had to say:

All those cliches about festival food are true, I'm afraid. Stodgy burgers. Dry hog roasts in stale rolls. Even Glastonbury suffers from these old, tasteless stalwarts. But the benefit of a tented city is the scope for change. Over the last few years imaginative vendors have been re-inventing the meal in the valleys of Worthy Farm. This year I've made it my mission to explore those stalls – those that brave new cuisines, or just offer top notch nosh on a rainy Thursday evening. On the Glastronomy blog and Twitter I've braved a new stall for every meal. So far I've discovered delicious raclette, crumpets sold by strumpets (or, at least, young women in the sort of clunky Moulin Rouge corsets that defy sexual objectification) and a Mexican joint that smokes its own meat onsite, in a dark corner of the notorious Glastonbury nightlife. Up next? Kedgeree with hot sauce perhaps. Or maybe a comforting tub of Anna Mae's Kanye Western macaroni cheese...


We've been doing a bit of snooping on Twitter to see what Glastonbury rumours are doing the rounds. Not all of them are entirely credible…

@guardianmusic Bruce Forsythe secret trap set in Block 9. Just the drops. Anyone not in correct modern jazz footwear may be refused entry.

— Jon (@thejonford) June 29, 2013

But we did find out that Haim are going to be joining Primal Scream on stage this evening – which Bobby Gillespie apparently let slip earlier in a 6Music interview.


What happened last night pt. 2

Just joking earlier.

Here's part of what happened to Mark Beaumont in the Piano Bar.

“Right,” says the bulky pirate vagabond, slamming a table onto the ground with the free hand that’s not holding a full bottle of white rum. “Table wrestling!”
The object of table wrestling is, before a baying audience of 19th-century Irish folk rapscallions, is to clamber from a position lying on top of a table, around the underside and back to the top without touching the ground. And the reward? A shot of pirate rum and entrance to the secret underground Piano Bar.
Not that it’s much of a secret anymore. The after-gig destination of choice for Michael Eavis (and boy does he like to tell everyone about it) this den of shot-swilling iniquity is dug into the side of a hill beside the Stone Circle every year and entered through a tunnel. The queue is 20 minutes long, but once inside you enter a world of archaic folk stomping in a wood-swathed beer-hall environment. Visitors sit in banks along the venue’s sides and climb up to a tiny slot in a tree trunk in a dark corner to order ciders and shots, while unamplified pianists and rowdy gypsy folk bands stomp and caterwaul their hour upon the stage. And there was us expecting candle-lit tables and a spot of Clayderman.

As for me, I wandered through and past the dance stages in Silver Hayes, then headed towards the Common and Shangri La and all that bit.

At the risk of upsetting ManUpThere in the comments thread below, well, it feels a bit hard to describe just now, so we'll bring you some pictures instead.

Glastonbury live show at NYC Downlow
Live show at NYC Downlow in Block 9. Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian/The Guardian
Glastonbury Block 9
Block 9 with London Undergroud on the left and Genosys on the right. Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian/The Guardian
Glastonbury: London Underground
Inside the walk-through theatrical installation created by 'Shunt' director David Rosenberg and The Roundhouse. Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian/The Guardian


Rokia Traore (whose set I am missing)

John Paul Jones guesting on mandolin with the wonderful Malian singer Rokia Traore. A long way from Led Zep

— Mark Seacombe (@longlivetherevo) June 29, 2013

Enjoying Rokia Traoré at Pyramid Stage from our tent, sun is shining bright and the pink wine tastes good! #glasto #glastonbury

— Simone Plantinga (@simoneplantinga) June 29, 2013

Rokia Traore amazing #pyramidstage

— Richard Cassar (@richardcassar) June 29, 2013

What happened last night

It has to be said, it's not clear what happened last night, because some members of our elite team of reporters haven't yet reported to our portable cabins here at Guardian @ Glastonbury HQ.

Want to know what Guardian @ Glastonbury HQ looks like? Here's the door.

— CasparLlewellynSmith (@CasparLS) June 29, 2013

And here's the view 30 seconds ago in the other direction.

— CasparLlewellynSmith (@CasparLS) June 29, 2013

Beautiful video

Look at this lovely work from our camera crew here.

The inside of my head

Want to know what the inside of my head feels like?

— CasparLlewellynSmith (@CasparLS) June 29, 2013

Rolling Stones exclusive!

So what does today bring? Well, it would be a shame not to show you this again.

But it's not all about Jagger – did he sleep well in his yurt, we wonder – and co ... we've got (hold your breath) Rokia Traore, Billy Bragg, Laura Mvula, Ben Howard, Elvis Costello and Primal Scream and that's just the Pyramid stage.

We might not bother with Ben Howard, and because of some technical gremlins (ACTUALLY TRUE) it's already almost a bit late for Rokia. :( 

But please don't touch that button: stay with us for the next several hours. We'll be rounding up reviews here, reporting on much else, trying to give you wherever you are (shout if you're on site!) a real taste of what it's like to be here on this sunny, sunny day.

Me and my yurt! #StonesGlasto #yurtalert #glastonbury

— Mick Jagger (@MickJagger) June 28, 2013


Last night's podcast

Oh, listen to the podcast we recorded last night!

I've not had a chance to hear this, I confess.

If it contains someone intruding on the erudite conversation at some point to hoarsely whisper "We're off to Shangri La ... we're off to Shangri La," then guilty as charged, m'lud.

"Alexis is joined by Kieran Yates, Tim Jonze and Dorian Lynskey to discuss the headline acts from Friday night at Glastonbury, including Portishead, Arctic Monkeys, Haim and more.

Plus, Tim Jonze apologises, Michael Eavis rides a steampunk boat through Glastonbury with artist Joe Rush and Kieran chats to singer-songwriter Laura Mvula about making her debut at the festival" 


Testing. Testing ... is this thing on?

Good morning, and welcome to day two of our liveblog of the Glastonbury festival of contemporary performing arts – although it's only day two if you think the festival runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday, whereas we've been here since Tuesday and blogging since Wednesday, which makes this day four. Confused? We are.

Last night saw three triumphant headlining sets from:

Arctic Monkeys

Read Mark Beaumont's full review

The ghost of 2007 is laid to rest, Glastonbury is fittingly honoured, and the Monkeys finally earn their Glastonbury stripes

And watch a bit here.


Read my review

It feels like a testament to the audience's taste in general that they surrendered to them: as well as that old warm affection, there's an appetite for this. This was not least the case when David Cameron made a surprise appearance 

Watch a bit here.


Read Alexis Petridis' review

Perhaps understandably, an atmosphere of mild delirium seems to settle on the audience, many of whom seem extremely well-refreshed indeed. Good times!



Caspar Llewellyn Smith, Adam Boult and Paul MacInnes

The GuardianTramp

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