Peaches webchat – your questions answered on Trump, feminism and being yourself

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The electro star discussed everything from fruit to sexual politics – and Brexit

That's all we have time for

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Au revoir, arrivederci, bon voyage, tschuss, sayonara, as-salamu alaykum... I really really appreciate you taking the time to ask me questions, because you are obviously Guardian readers, and I am a fan. (kiss ass!) My tour starts tomorrow in Glasgow, check, if it's not hacked again with a porn site, for dates, and enjoy!

Here’s a clickable link to Peaches’ tour details:

Nettie Boivin (Nazarbayev University Kazakhstan) asks:

I love your stuff – I always loved your voice, even back in the York days when you were singing Janis Joplin songs. Do you ever get back to Toronto? (Come visit the Steppes)

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Tronna! Nettie, I totally remember you, much love. She was in my theatre program at York University.

Vovonne asks:

Hi Peaches, I was wondering if you’d ever considered doing some work with Rebekah Warrior from French band Sexy Sushi? A collaboration between you too would be so epic! PS: thank you for being on here, it’s brilliant

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parsivalmontde asks:

Peaches, do you fully embrace your star sign of Scorpio? Are you a true Scorpion Peach?

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I am a true Scorpion Peach - I'm sexual and very loyal. I love my birthday because it's lined up as doubles: 11/11.


NeilC500 asks:

Hey Peaches. What do you think of the both candidates in the upcoming US election?
If Trump does become president can we expect you to write a song or name an album after him like you did with Impeach My Bush, which is one of the best album titles ever!

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Well thank you for that! I don't think Impeach My Trump sounds as effective. But also it's just too horrifying to think about. And my blood is boiling thinking about it.

I'm not a huge fan of Hillary, I think she also is not very honest, but what politician will ever be honest? A two party system does not work and the system in general will never work. Bernie Sanders was my number one choice and I was really excited for the prospect, but then this abstract notion of super delegates took over, and not by popular demand, Hillary became the candidate. There's just so much corruption and greed on all ends, but Trump is the be all, end all, greediest, most sexist, dumb shit ever. In fact, my song Dumb Fuck should be dedicated to him.

James Leadley asks:

I got my first Peaches experience at SXSW this year. You were ace. The champagne was flowing, the beats were dropping and you were dressed like a beautiful shimmering vagina. I’m seeing you in Manchester next week. Can i expect more of the same? And if you don’t mind answering two questions. Do you party as hard now as you used to?

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First of all: vagina vagina vagina. Second of all: what is your idea of a party?


Bottle asks:

How best are we to disassemble the patriarchy?

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Keep fighting the good fight, and be aware of the language used, and what people are saying around you. Certain things that we say that are in the form of patriarchal speech... i'm not coming up with an example quickly but there are so many little innuendos that still need to be examined. It may seem like it's in the abstract, but it is, because we need to break down a system and we don't have another in its place. We need to listen to Angela Davis.

Hogangi asks:

Hey Peaches, just wondering if Claude Cahun influenced you in any way? I discovered her while doing my thesis on queer politics and she was a big influence on me, much like yourself, thanks for keeping me (in)sane, you rock xxx

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Thank you for letting me know about Claude - I'm always thankful to find out about past incredible artists. And now I have a chance to become obsessed with Claude!

Claude Cahun self-portrait.
Claude Cahun self-portrait. Photograph: Courtesy of the Jersey Heritage Collections

twoheadsbetter asks:

I love the new record and there is a particular line in DITA which made me smile, so my question is whose jizz WAS it?

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I don't know! That's why I'm asking! I need a jizz forensic specialist to help me - do you know any?

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This may turn into a future Black Mirror episode.


micaela27 asks:

Wanna hang out in Brighton on Saturday?

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It's a long drive to Dublin, so we're going to high tail it after the show. Concorde 2 forever! I've played there like a million times.

sbmfc asks:

Do you think the internet and increased media attention has changed the way music scenes form and artists create their songs?

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It's such a complicated question... in a way, your music can be heard more than ever because the internet is so vast, but again, it's the way that it's heard and how it's listened to for less than three minutes and over.

It has allowed me to be even more hardcore, because things like MTV don't exist for what i'm doing and never really did, but now people can find my voice if they want it. But I was established before the internet exploded, so it must be really different for those just starting out.

curbahn asks:

Being a musician seems like such a satisfying and dynamic life … you can express yourself through many different mediums to many people and (hopefully) have some kind of impact. What do you enjoy most about your art? Performing live? Having a respected (and heard) voice? mucking around with lyrics? Collaborating?

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All those things are incredibly exciting, and it's also an incredible privilege to be able to travel around the world and give your message and your music and your performance to those who wish to hear it. A day doesn't go by when I'm not appreciate, and that might sound cheesy to you, but I'm so grateful.

My core message is just to feel comfortable in your own body. That's all. Which is not an easy thing to do. And it's very difficult for people to understand that it's ok. It's hard to wrap your head around it because of certain social constraints, and years of political and religious ideologies. And other people's general fear of one's own self-expression.

I'm really not into the word sex-positivity though, because who isn't sex positive? How can you be negative about sex, your own body, and your own pleasure and needs? Again, the organic farmer analogy...

The language of feminism

NewTech_News asks:

Can feminism still be classed as “progressive” in 2016. Or is it’s focus on one specific group not the antithesis of being progressive?

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Feminism needs new terminology. There has been talk of intersectional feminism, but I hope we can come to an agreement that the point is to just take down the patriarchy. Everything is divided, and exponentially growing in every direction more than ever. As long as the patriarchy still exists, there will be discussion around feminism. It's exhausting being anything today, but maybe that's because I'll be 50 on November 11 - did I mention it's my birthday in Liverpool, and people should send me presents? I have enough peach-related items and dildos though.

wutheringshiite asks:

Is there hidden meaning to Dick in the Air, such as an early influence by an aviator named Richard?

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If Richard was that pilot who was caught nude flying a plane, maybe it is about him! But mostly it's all on the up and up. I wrote that song as a response to "put your booty in the air" - dicks go up, they're very animated, so I'd like to see them shaking in the club.

In my live shows, I have a 11-metre long inflatable dick-like condom that I walk through over the audience. I hope you can picture that. There is an Italian artist who calls himself Plastic Fantastic, who approached me one day in a bar and told me that: "I av a beeg dick for you". And before I could slap him, he explained to me about his inflatable, and we've been friends ever since.

parsivalmontde asks:

Peaches, do you have a hard, nutty interior underneath your soft outer shell?

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I do have a fuzzy outer layer...

camillandersen asks:

Can you confirm your moniker came from a Nina Simone song: Four Women? If so, the stars have aligned without me even realising it when I named my daughter Nina Peaches.

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Aww! That is the most endearing thing I've ever heard. Yes, I wanted Nina Simone to be singing to me but I'm sure she wasn't going to change the last name of the four women to Merrill, so I changed my name so she would actually be singing to me. I just get raw passion from her.

Would you consider adding a name, and calling your child Nina Peaches Merrill, just to bring it all back home, for me at least?

Di Version asks:

Do you have any pets? Non-human companion animals? Love your music and your vision!

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I have a shared pet with my roommate in LA. An adopted Persian named Catenza. Named because I was trying to buy a credenza. The name is best said as a character from The Dark Crystal. She loves people, hates animals. Must have five treats a day. A happily spoiled little Persian with too many hairballs.

vammyp asks:

How does it feel to live in the shadow of the far superior Haribo Peaches?

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I am not a fan of Haribo. It's like a maraschino cherry - that gummy stuff must stay in your body for like seven years.

ste137 asks:

I love your angry poem Free Drink Ticket. Is it about anyone in particular?

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Yes. But don't worry, I'm over them now. The poem is an honest poem, we all go through it, when you go through a shitty breakup and somebody particularly wrongs you and you want to off them.

Coldsman asks:

Hi Peaches! I moved to LA from NYC 3 years ago and I still don’t really like it here. Any thoughts/advice on adjusting to LA life?

PS: I used to play Teaches of ... on the stereo when I worked at an architecture office in Brooklyn back in the day. I did not get fired, oddly. Peaches-friendly environments are the best!

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Yes, I've never understood Not Suitable for Work tags. If that's the case, quit your job.

About LA - too weird. I have no advice. But one day, you'll tell someone a story about how you once bumped into a celebrity and it was somewhat exciting for you. Like the time Eric Idle showed up at my house, with my friend Rita. And entertained us for hours.

Sigma66 asks:

Big fan, via my love for Chilly Gonzales, who introduced me and my now-wife quite by chance. Tell us a story about you and him.

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We have probably smoked 1000 joints between the two of us, in six months in the year 2000. What did we do when we were high? We made music!

Chilly Gonzales
Chilly Gonzales Photograph: Hayley Madden/Redferns

Fruitbatty asks:

Will you ever do a duet with Susan Boyle?

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Yes, we are working on a version of Islands in the Stream together right now.

Tim Looney asks:

I admire your music and your message so much. Your message is so empowering. I consider your art as political activism. Do you see yourself as an activist and if so what is it that politicized you?

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I recently read an article about an organic farmer who said: why, when I'm an organic farmer, I have to specify that I'm organic, but other farmers don't have to say: I'm a chemical farmer. My message is direct and honest - is there any reason why other artists who do not include politics and activism don't have to describe themselves as vapid, empty artists? Why does it have to be "political" - why can't it just be normal?

It's just my point of view. My point of view is somehow political, because of the way I'm somehow twisting a mainstream political message around.

texavery asks:

How exactly does one fuck the pain away? Teaches of Peaches btw is a timeless album that still sounds superb.

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It's amazing that I haven't had this question before. Just keep doing it, and the pain will go away. People say they gave birth during that song, and conceived their child during that song.

Spluuuuurgh asks:

I remember seeing you at Reading festival (I think) and at ATP, 10 years ago, or maybe more. Around the time of Teaches of Peaches. You had a big red strap-on dildo and there was another lady performing with you. My memory is hazy but I remember thinking you were ace. Can you tell us a bit about the ideas behind your performances at that time?

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That big red strapon appeared in The Face magazine as a picture and caused quite a stir. It was used for the song Shake Yer Dix - by the way, it was made out of leather.

AbstractClown asks:

Do you prefer to be juiced or split down the middle?

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Cold pressed. So so modern.

timo123 asks:

Did you ever meet Peaches Geldof?

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Yes! I have a huge Peaches sign that I used to wear at the end of concerts. I used to have two of them, and when I met Peaches Geldof backstage at one of my shows I asked her to put on one of them, come out first at the encore and then I would come out wearing it too. She said yes, but never showed up for the encore. It would have been so good! RIP.

cookiejar asks:

Can women over 50 ever look good in denim?

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Women over 50 look good in everything. People over 50 don't give a shit what you think.

Vickersone asks:

Iis there a part of you that wants to release a big, crowd-pleasing, lighters-in-the-air ballad like Beautiful or Against All Odds?

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Mitch Steinman is my all time favourite power ballad writer. And yes you may find this embarrassing - he wrote all the Meat Loaf hits, and Total Eclipse of the Heart. I would be honoured for him to write me a phone-light-in-the-air ballad. Nobody uses lighters any more at concerts.

I love power ballads because I can actually sing them - I can sing Total Eclipse of the Heart with so much passion that I'll make you cry.

condorkelly asks:

Peaches, been a fan for years and finally getting to see you in Liverpool. My wife is coming as well and when she said to friends about it, they asked; “Are you a lesbian???”
What I am asking is, we need an official Peaches comeback answer...

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I am all things. And the Liverpool show is on my 50th birthday, so bring me a present!


Brexit latest

TuskGeorge asks:

What does “Brexit means Brexit” actually mean, and is withdrawing the best method of population control?

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Mind control. Brexit is a complete manipulation. Things were promised and that's why people voted for Brexit, and of course the minute it happened, those things were gone. What was the main asshole dude? Nigel Fromage - didn't he apply for German citizenship?

Aureliano81 asks:

Peaches, I have been a fan for years however I have young children now and there’s not much suitable for them is there! Is there any chance you could clean your act up.

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Could you clean my house? My friend has a kid, and the kid was listening along to Fuck The Pain Away, but she was so little she sang: Bup the Say Away. Phew!

New video: How You Like my Cut

35 Kanyon asks:

Is MTV dead?

User avatar for PeachesWebchat Guardian contributor

Yes, but Peaches' YouTube and Vimeo channels are alive and well. New video out today!

Watch Peaches’ new video How You Like my Cut


Stephen Crowe asks:

Which Prince song do you prefer - Tambourine, Sex Shooter or something else..?

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Erotic City, If I Were Your Girlfriend, and When You Were Mine. When You Were Mine is just one of those longing for something, when you can't enjoy something when you have it. Erotic City is just all-out deadpan sex, with really good beep sounds. If I Were Your Girlfriend is basically... Prince not just getting into your pants, but getting into your skin.

vammyp asks:

How did you feel about Castor Troy’s reference to yourself in the opening sequence of Face/Off?

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"I could eat a peach for hours?" Yes please!

Nepthsolem asks:

If sex didn’t exist, what would you sing about?

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I wouldn't sing, I would cry.

MelonMouse asks:

David Attenborough once told the Monty Python team to “use shock sparingly”, which John Cleese says is the best advice he has ever been given. Do you ever feel that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to having a gimmick overtake the art?

User avatar for PeachesWebchat Guardian contributor

Fuck gimmicks - this is real life.

deltajones asks:

Would you like to appear at our festival? (We don’t really have any money.)

User avatar for PeachesWebchat Guardian contributor

What else can you offer?

Peaches are not the only fruit

Rattner asks:

Hi Peaches, do you actually like peaches or are there more superior fruits?

User avatar for PeachesWebchat Guardian contributor
ripe kumquat fruits, isolated on white background
Photograph: GooDween123/Getty Images/iStockphoto


daftbell asks:

Can you understand why feminists are often misjudged fo men haters? Have you ever been a man hater? All my best wishes for your career

User avatar for PeachesWebchat Guardian contributor

I'd just like to say that it's very important for men to be feminists and for us to work together. Men need to reexamine their privileges and the way they're brought up in the same way women do, so we can all come to a balance. #JustinTrudeau

dazeoftheweak23 asks:

a. Is there any tangible evidence, in your opinion, to suggest that the Large Hadron Colider, (LHC), in Switzerland could cause a Black Hole to form and destroy some/all of the Earth?

b. Will a my tin foil clothing protect me from any such occourence?

c. Is it possible to split the atom utilising only ordinary household items?

d. Is feminism just another excuse to get out of doing the washing up and other housework?

User avatar for PeachesWebchat Guardian contributor

b) Watch Better Call Saul.

Jenna Montfaux asks:

I recently heard Shary Boyle give an artist talk during which she spoke about working with you and Leslie Feist early on in all of your careers. Is it fair to say that you are a part of a generation of Canadian women who have found success in creating provocative and influential (feminist) work?

User avatar for PeachesWebchat Guardian contributor

Thank you for including me in influential and provocative intersectional feminist work. It was such an innocent time when Shary, Leslie and Kika Thorn were creating works and generally partying and enjoying ourselves, which is to me part of being Canadian and creating important work.

Peaches in the Guardian office … here we go.
Peaches in the Guardian office … here we go. Photograph: Ben Beaumont-Thomas/The Guardian

Post your questions for Peaches

Peaches has been unleashing her brand of sexually liberated pop on the world for more than 15 years. Songs like Fuck the Pain Away, Tent in Your Pants and Vaginoplasty are paired with videos where Peaches dresses, say, in a woollen penis-enhanced jumpsuit and fellates herself alongside Margaret Cho.

She’s duetted with Christina Aguilera, Iggy Pop, REM and Kim Gordon; appeared in a film directed by John Malkovich; and fronted productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo.

As the tour for her new LP Rub reaches the UK, she’s joining us to answer your questions in a live webchat from 1pm GMT on Thursday 3 November. Post them in the comments below, and she’ll take on as many as possible.


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