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As well as searching for the testicles from the sphinx on Oscar Wilde’s tomb (Report, 4 November), is the Père-Lachaise cemetery curator Benoît Gallot also on the lookout for the large stone bust that’s gone from Jim Morrison’s grave? It was there when I visited in 1981, but has been missing for a number of years now. I guessed that it may have been in a student’s bedsit years ago, along with a traffic cone.
Ian Billington

• I am so sorry that John Crace is still struggling with his mental health (Digested week, 4 November), but would like him to know how much he is helping the rest of us with ours. After a difficult few months coping with the physical and mental effects of bowel cancer, my days have been brightened by reading John’s sketches. Please keep going, John.
Gill Empson
Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire

• In Israel last week, the centre and left fragmented, and the far right won (Editorial, 2 November). In Brazil last week, the centre and left united, and the far right lost (Editorial, 31 October). Let’s hope this penny drops for centrists and leftists everywhere, before democracy itself loses everywhere.
Ben Shepherd

• As we left a Guardian Christmas lunch in Manchester, seeking further libations, Eric Allison (Guardian’s prison correspondent, dies at 79, 2 November) pointed and said: “That’s my favourite building!” “Oh,” said I, “it looks rather dull to me; why do you like it so much?” “Cos I took a million quid out of it,” came the reply. Farewell, dear man.
Barrie Rutter
Halifax, West Yorkshire

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