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Aversion to change | New bank holidays | Wordle tactics | Size doesn’t matter

Andrew Clements thinks that the 2022 Proms programme is not “adventurous or ambitious” (Proms 2022: back to normal, but why settle for ‘normal’?, 26 April). Well, that is the way a lot of us like it. Personally, if the Proms stuck to Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, Wagner, Tchaikovsky etc, that would suit me down to the ground. At 83, I may be changing into Victor Meldrew, but some things are just best left alone.
John Richards

• A bank holiday in October (Letters, 27 April)? What could be better than UN Day on 24 October to celebrate the inestimable value of the United Nations and to remind us of the urgent need to support and strengthen it.
Hilary Evans
Twickenham, London

• When I’m prime minister for the day I shall introduce the Birthday Bank Holiday Act, which would guarantee you a day off to celebrate your birthday. Who’s with me?
Matthew Newman

• I also start Wordle with the word “audio” (Letters, 22 April), but as it contains a “u”, I only do it on days of the week that contain a “u”. On other days I start with “atone”, which uses the most commonly used letters in English. Works for me.
Tony Cima
Winstone, Gloucestershire

• The world’s largest penis museum (Experience, 22 April)? Oh dear, are we really back to that hoary old question – does size really matter?
Max Perkins
Salisbury, Wiltshire

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