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I applaud Dawn Butler for her honesty in calling out the lies of this morally bankrupt prime minister and cabinet (Dawn Butler ejected from Commons for saying Johnson has lied repeatedly, 22 July). Is it not time that Westminster faced up to replacing the antiquated rules regarding vocabulary in the chamber and allowed honest people to tell the truth?
Alison Dodds
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

• An interesting article (There will be blood: women on the shocking truth about periods and perimenopause, 22 July), but for some of us the problem of heavy period flow has blighted most of our reproductive lives, not just those years before the menopause. A cycle of heavy, unpredictable periods and anaemia with little useful medical help and a lifetime of embarrassment. It would help if some men didn’t treat the whole subject of menstruation as a joke or a female weakness.
Jan Cawser
Ripley, Derbyshire

• On the question of what do cats do when we are not looking at them (The hidden world of cats: what our feline friends are doing when we’re not looking, 22 July), didn’t Erwin Schrödinger have something to say about that?
Ian Dunbar
Warrington, Cheshire

• Keith Montgomery (Letters, 22 July) claims that Genesis had Boris Johnson sussed in 1971. Two years earlier, in Me and Bobby McGee, Kris Kristofferson cautioned that “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”.
Edward Fordyce
Twickenham, London

• Having carefully spelt out my surname and initials over the phone using the phonetic alphabet, I was somewhat bemused to receive a letter addressed to Mr Romeo Arthur Epton (Letters, 22 July).
R A Epton
Brigg, Lincolnshire

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