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Before synod members criticise their bishops for tweeting about Dominic Cummings (Church of England bishops criticised over Cummings tweets, 8 July), they should reflect on the church’s history. One of its more revered figures is William Mompesson, rector of Eyam, who persuaded villagers to remain quarantined in the plague of 1665-66. Cummings was all too like the local squire who “knew better”.
Richard Davies
Southport, Merseyside

• A new Tory voter says “Surely the government has saved money as a result? That’s 44,000 fewer pensions the government is paying each week, plus they have probably saved a fortune in care home fees, too” (‘Imagine the state we’d be in if Corbyn had been in charge’: the view from the ‘red wall’, 8 June). Did he have access to minutes of one of those early Cobra meetings?
Denis Ahern
Stanford-le-Hope, Essex

• Lovely to see that Adrian Chiles recommends The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett (I’ve started listening to my friends’ music recommendations – shame no one’s asked for mine, 8 July). I have been listening to his music for 50 years, and this particular record has been an audible panacea for me in getting through this lockdown period.
Bren Pointer

• While I wouldn’t want to undermine the recovery of the hairdressing sector, I must say that I find the “before” photos in your Eyewitness centre spread (9 July) more appealing than the “afters”.
Ron Burns
Upton, Dorset

• Wait till you are wearing glasses, a face mask, and hearing aids (Letters, 8 July). Then you know you’ve really got problems. There’s only so much space behind the average ear.
Geraldine Blake
Worthing, Sussex

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