The Glastonbury 2017 barometer – strong and stable, or weak and wobbly?

Lord Buckethead cemented his cult status and the ‘neon family’ nailed the dressing up. But, as ever, there was no escaping the human traffic jams

Strong and stable

Unfashionable genres
Thundercat repping jazz fusion and Lemon Twigs bringing back glam. Electro-swing next?

Lord Buckethead introduces Sleaford Mods
Lord Buckethead introduces Sleaford Mods. Photograph: Gwilym Mumford

Lord Buckethead
Introduced Sleaford Mods. Wants to nationalise Adele. Vote winner.

NYC Downlow
The best after-hours party in town is 10 years old. Rave on!

Most ubiquitous anthem
“Oooohhhhhh Jer-e-my Cor-byn” (to the tune of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army).

Stormzy nails it.
Stormzy nails it. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

Nailed it. Lord of the mic drop.

Best flag of the weekend
Theresa May in a wheat field.

Most fearless stage banter
“Please welcome to the stage Jeremy Corbyn,” announced Father John Misty. A spotlight shone. No one appeared. The crowd booed. Strong gambit.

Man in a suit covered in Batman logos
Suits him Photograph: Tim Lusher for the Guardian

Batman tribute suit
Holy respect!

The neon family
The family that dress up as life-size neon emojis together stays together.

Sitting down
The new standing up, thanks to it being so dry.

Emoji chic
Was it just us, or did it feel like the whole site was a walking Instagram story ;)

Bumbags are back.
Bumbags are back. Photograph: The Guardian

Scumbags no more! It’s official: they’re back. A fashion trend that’s actually practical.

The best thing ever after a year of doom.

Buddha Bowl
Still the best place to get your five a day.

Battle of the Corbyn T-shirts
Nike swoosh v the winning Run DMC. IT’S LIKE THAT AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!

Weak and wobbly

The human traffic-jam conundrum
Who are all these people? Where are they going? Where have they come from?

Johnny Depp.
The axe man cometh … Johnny Depp. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

Depp’s public image detox tour
Standing on the side of the Pyramid stage in case anyone needed a spare “axe man”. No luck with Run the Jewels, but Kris Kristofferson was a yes.

Unlikely cult heroes
Ainsley Harriott flags, Louis Theroux fanboys, Hanson Nirvana mashup T-shirts. It’s a meme world.

Fishscale leggings
Mermaids. Mer-men. Meh.

Man with baubles in his beard
All that glitters … Photograph: Nigel Roddis/EPA

Glitter, happier
From beards to faces, hair partings and “boobs” (™ the Sun), there was more glitter this year than at a My Little Pony convention.

Unwoke fancy dress
Blokes dressed as Hasidic Jews, comedy West Indians, traditional Chinese garb, Native American headwear. Did no one get the cultural appropriation minefield memo?

The cheesy Canadian fries dish has now thoroughly usurped chips and gravy. Chunky chips, funky dips.

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