Beck: the best of this week’s new music

The genre-bending auteur offers up a great bit of sunny nonsense




Being a stinky little millennial, my first actual encounter with Beck was his cameo appearance in an episode of Futurama, duetting with a mutilated Bender. The cartoon assured me he was a genre-bending auteur, and going by Wow that’s a fair enough approximation. It’s a strange beast: half hip-hop beat in the style of trap lord Baauer, half desert faery folk song. A silly yet great bit of sunny nonsense.

The Avalanches

Frankie Sinatra

There was a time when we all thought snaggle-toothed rapper Danny Brown was the next big thing. But slowly the light has begun to dim, through a series of ill-thought-out collaborations, most recently with forgotten Australian electronic outfit the Avalanches. The track, which would be more at home with Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer atop it, slinks along like a smelly Boomtown rat (the festival and its punters, not the band), and even a verse from MF Doom can’t save it. The past really is a different country.


Too Much Fun

What did we do to deserve the bastard children of PC Music? As if the pseuds-corner bubblegum J-pop theoreticians didn’t do enough wrongs, they’ve spawned a generation of copycats, one of whom is GIRLI. The idea: a posh girl who likes grime and pink clothing and doesn’t take shit from anyone. The result: synthetic dross, dreadful lyrics and… oh, a fairly good chorus. There’s talent hidden in this swamp of glitter but it’s buried by a cheap concept and eye-rolling laziness.

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve


Hey guys, remember Chairlift? Me neither. Only joking! I liked Chairlift, and I like this song by Beyond The Wizards Sleeve. It sounds like Tennis, Chairlift and a slew of other indie bands consigned to obscurity, featuring a sweet breathy vocal and a joyously skittish underbelly; a “What people thought the future would sound like in the 60s”-type of sound. Dot, the sexy robot from The Jetsons, would pop her titanium backside to this shit.

Alice Jemima


In Liquorice, Alice Jemima basically just lists loads of stuff I hate: popcorn, Queens, men, suits, drumsticks, work – followed by an assurance that she “lives for it”. Well I’ve got some advice for you Ms Jemima: expand your horizons! And also try to do better than this cloud of whispered rubbish wafting over a kooky Ikea ad of a backing track. Profoundly irritating.


Joe Bish

The GuardianTramp

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