Watch Fenech-Soler perform Magnetic and Demons

Here's the second round of tracks featuring the floor-filling Fenech-Soler and recorded for our sessions

Since they formed in 2006, electro infused indie quartet Fenech-Soler have released two albums - their fizzing self-titled debut and the polished funk-pop of Rituals. While their songs are heavily textured in a live setting, the group's singer Ben Duffy explains that boiling the melodies down to a barebones acoustic rendition is something they relish.

“Being able to play any song and it sound good in that very stripped-back form really is the essence of a good song,” he tells us. “The nice thing is that when you play it in that kind of tempo and with that kind of feeling it actually feels like it changes certain meanings of the lyrics and certain emotions. It’s a bit more heartfelt.”

Fenech-Soler – Magnetic

Magnetic, a single from their last album, stays true to the band’s sunny-style and upbeat buoyancy, as Ben’s brother and guitarist Ross reveals it to be the last song they finished writing for the record.

Those au fait with Fenech-Soler’s catalogue will recognise Demons as a song off their eponymous debut. “Demons is a staple song for Fenech-Soler,” says Ben. “It’s one of our very earliest songs and one of the songs that put us on the map. We love playing that one.”

Fench-Soler – Demons


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