The Pierces: Kings – live

Watch the sibling duo perform a special acoustic version of a song from their forthcoming album, Creation

In April, we premiered a special acoustic performance by the Pierces, singing Believe in Me from their forthcoming album Creation. We're following that up with another track from Creation, Kings. Creation was partly inspired by the duo's experiences taking the hallucinogen ayahuasca in the Peruvian rainforest. “They say if you do it consecutively you go deeper and deeper," Catherine Pierce said recently. "You only eat a little rice and vegetables, there’s no electricity, there are spiders as big as your hand everywhere. The [trips] I’d done in LA were kind of beautiful and euphoric but these ones were really difficult for me. They really took me to some dark places. But you learn so much, it’s worth it.” And yet out of this has come not fried acid-rook, but beautiful soft pop. Have a listen …


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