Yuck: Glow and Behold – review


When Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg announced he was leaving north London's slacker-rock revivalists, the remaining members were adamant they had no plans to fold. They've kept that promise, with guitarist Max Bloom slipping into Blumberg's role for this followup. Bloom is not an unlikable vocalist, but he lacks the confidence of his predecessor, which may explain the shift in both pace and energy here. If Yuck's self-titled debut was all scuzzy, summery heat, Glow and Behold feels wintry in comparison, twinkling with cleaner production values and a dreamy, down-tempo gaze. Middle Sea's wedge of distortion-pedal licks and crashy percussion is a treat, and Lose My Breath is catchy enough, but these are Glow and Behold's only real jams – streaks of colour next to pretty but forgettable instrumentals and pale, vaguely melancholic shoegaze that only just hits the mark on a heavily MBV-indebted Rebirth. Not an entirely joyless album, but certainly a rather mature one.


Charlotte Richardson Andrews

The GuardianTramp

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