Leona Lewis: 'Horses are 100% better than people'

The singer reveals her thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey, hanging out with horses, and her new album

Good morning, Leona. Where are you and what can you see?

I'm at home in London. I can see my puppies, Forest and Lily.

The lyrics of your new single Trouble paint you as "LEONA LEWIS: HARD BASTARD" (1). Are you a hard bastard?

(Titters) I don't think it paints me as that!

Isn't the whole song going: "Look, I told you I was going to be a nightmare, I'm a nightmare, deal with it"?

I think it's more about a relationship where people become a bit destructive. When you can't get out of a situation you do become destructive and you start to resent each other and do things you usually wouldn't do.

What's the most annoying thing you do in relationships?

(Offended) I'm not annoying in relationships! I'm great!

You kiss Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes (2) in your video. He's a handsome chap. Did you cast him because you wanted to get off with him?

Basically, yes. (Guffaws.) Well that was one of the reasons. Also I just needed a great actor – someone I could bounce off – and that was him.

What are your thoughts on the whole world of the supernatural? Do werewolves exist?

Erm ... No ... ? But I like watching True Blood.

I noted with interest that you were recently reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I haven't read it – what's it about?

Well I don't want to give too much away but it's about a guy who's a billionaire and he meets this really young girl and he asks her to get into a relationship where she's submissive and he's dominant. So it's basically S&M.

Are the sex parts any good?

Oh it's VERY graphic.

Which is good?


Watch Leona Lewis's video for Trouble

Did you choose to have Childish Gambino guest rap on your single, or did someone at your label just go, "Guess what – we've put Childish Gambino on your single"?

I wanted to have someone featuring on the song because I've never done something like that before and he's such a great rapper – I've got a lot of his mixtapes – and I contacted him myself, and he was really excited to be involved.

Can you rap?

I do like to rap sometimes, but that's not on the album. When I'm in the car and there's a song on I'll go onto Google and look up the lyrics and rap along (3). I do a lot of Nicki Minaj songs.

What's your favourite Nicki lyric?

"I fly like a star in the sky, I can no longer tell I'm alive." Basically.

When you tweeted the tracklisting for your new album (4) you wrote the songs Lovebird, Glassheart and Fingerprint as Love Bird, Glass Heart and Finger Print. Do you have something against endocentric compounds?

No I don't, I just think it looks cleaner.

Will you ever make another song as good as Bleeding Love.

Awww. I think I've made songs as good on the new album. Obviously time has moved on, but I definitely feel there are some strong songs on there. Unlove Me, I think, and a song called Stop The Clocks (5). And I to You I really love.

What's the most important life lesson you've learned in the past 12 months?

To be spontaneous and go on adventures.

Tell me about an adventure.

Last night I went on an adventure. I won't go into detail, but my friend called me up at like midnight and was like: "Come and meet me." I met them somewhere and we had an adventure and it was fun.

Was it a booty call?

(Aghast) Oh no! I don't do that.

Where did you go on your adventure?

Around London. We just kind of drove around and went to some, er, places. It's a bit secret (6). It was fun actually.

What time did you get in?

About 4am. That's not too bad is it?

No. Are horses better than people?

Yes, 100%.

They're 100% better than people?

Yes. I love hanging out with my horse, chilling. They're so amazing and ethereal. I could hang with horses all day.

What do you talk to your horses about?

Oh, EVERYTHING. Especially when we go on trails. I'll go, "Ooh, look, there's a tree over there."

Do you confide in horses?

No. But I think that horses are so intuitive that they know what I'm thinking anyway. I don't need to say anything.

If it was down to me or a horse and one of us had to be done away with in a terrible way, would you rescue me or the horse?

I'm not going to answer that!

I appreciate you pretending that it would be a difficult decision.

It would be. (Pause) I'D DO AWAY WITH BOTH! (Laughs) No, I wouldn't.



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