Sigur Rós: Valtari – review


The danger with having created a sound as exquisitely distinctive and TV-ubiquitous as Sigur Rós's is that it starts to sound like its own parody. Their expansive soundscapes and Jónsi Birgisson's cooed and chirruped "Hopelandic" (his phonetically-Icelandic if nonsensical vocals) have become a sonic shorthand for "atmosphere", which is perhaps why Sigur Rós chose such an un-Sigur Rós name for their sixth studio album. "Valtari" means "steamroller", but no one's in danger of getting flattened by anything approaching Wagnerian blasts. These slow-building, shivery washes of sound are what the band do best, proving worthy of far more listening time than those incidental moments soundtracking nature programmes.


Hermione Hoby

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