The Human League: Credo – review

(Wall of Sound)

Almost the first sound on the Human League's first album in a decade is the voice of Susan Sulley, AutoTuned to robotic numbness. Hearing a band who once personified futurism being reduced to following last year's sonic fad isn't edifying. Luckily, it turns out to be an aberration, and, for the most part, Credo sounds like nobody but the Human League: electronics gurgle and whirr, and some fairly memorable melodies surge and flow. The production is sleeker than before, but that's progress – and it never overrides the League's professional-amateurs charm. But despite the plethora of lovely moments – such as Night People's call to arms: "Gather up your skirts and trousers, put on your best frocks and blouses/ Time to go out from your houses" – it feels like a collection of songs rather than an album. Something – call it a heart – is missing.


Caroline Sullivan

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