Pure X: Pleasure – review


The three young Texans of Pure X (shortened from Pure Ecstasy) have spent a lot of time wishing it were still the early 1990s. Their debut album drips with a hazy nostalgia for the days when fringes drooped over eyes, which were in turn cast down to the floor. Pleasure drifts in and out of focus – some of the 10 tracks aren't even complete songs, just a hook that fades in and fades out again, having stumbled along pleasantly for a couple of minutes, with Nate Grace's guitar cutting through the amniotic fug. That enables them to summon mood – half-drunk, half-tired, half-ecstatic – but one does rather wish for a bit more structure. The debt to the Jesus and Mary Chain is inescapable throughout – you could set up an EU reverb mountain on the amount employed here – especially on Easy, which traces the outline of Never Understand to perfection.


Michael Hann

The GuardianTramp

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