Bono's poem Elvis: American David, annotated

Radio 4 is to broadcast a poem by Bono, a life-long Elvis fan, written in 1995, in a tribute programme on May 13. Here, professor John Sutherland dissects the poem

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Elvis: American David. A poem by Bono

The following tribute to Elvis Presley was written by Bono in 1995.

elvis son of tupelo.

elvis mama's boy.

elvis the twin brother of Jesse who died at birth and was buried in a shoe box.

elvis drove a truck.

elvis was recorded at sun studios by the musical diviner sam phillips.

elvis was managed by colonel tom parker, an ex-carnie barker whose last act was a singing canary.

elvis was the most famous singer in the world since king david.

elvis lived on his own street.

elvis liked to play speed cop.

elvis had a monkey named scatter before anyone.

elvis wore a cape at the white house when he was presenting nixon with two silver pistols.

elvis was a member of the drug squad.

elvis wore eye make up, just hangin' out.

elvis wore a gold nudie suit and trained his lip to curl.

elvis was macho, but could sing like a girl.

elvis was not a big talker.

elvis was articulate in every other way.

elvis dyed his hair black to look like valentino.

elvis held a microphone the way valentino held nitanaldi in blood and sand.

elvis dressed black long before he dressed in black.

elvis sang black except in lower registers where he was a student of dean martin.

elvis admired mario lanza.

elvis delivered the world from crooning.

elvis was a great crooner.

elvis had a voice that could explain the sexuality of america.

elvis was influenced by jim morrison in his choice of black leather for the '68 comeback special.

elvis invented the beatles.

elvis achieved world domination from a small town.

elvis was conscious of myth.

elvis had pharoah-like potential.

elvis was made by america, so america could remake itself.

elvis had good manners.

elvis was a bass, a baritone, and a tenor.

elvis sang his heart out at the end.

elvis the opera singer.

elvis the soap opera.

elvis loved america, God, the bible, firearms, the movies, the office of presidency, junk food, drugs, cars, family,television, jewellery, straight talkin', dirty talkin' gameshows, uniforms, and self-help books.

elvis like america, wanted to improve himself.

elvis like america, started out loving but later turned on himself.

elvis body could not stop moving.

elvis is alive, we're dead.

elvis the charismatic.

elvis the ecstatic.

elvis the plastic, elvis the elastic with a spastic dance that might explain the energy of america.

elvis fusion and confusion.

elvis earth rod in a southern dorm.

elvis shaking up an electrical storm.

elvis in hollywood his voice gone to ground.

elvis in las vegas with a big brassy sound.

elvis the first rock'n'roll star with scotty moore, bill black, and dj fontana.

elvis with james burton and ronny tutt.

elvis the movie star made three good films: viva las vegas, flaming star, and jailhouse rock.

elvis the hillbilly brought rhythm to the white race, blues to pop, and rock'n'roll to where ever rock'n'roll is.

elvis the pelvis, swung from africa to europe, which is the idea of america.

elvis liberation.

elvis the kung fu would come later.

elvis hibernation.

elvis built a theme park he later called Graceland.

elvis woke up to whispers.

elvis thought of himself as a backslider.

elvis knew guilt like a twin brother.

elvis called God every morning then left the phone off the hook.

elvis turned las vegas into a church when he sang "love me tender".

elvis turned america into a church when he sang "the trilogy".

elvis was harangued by choice; flesh vs spirit, God vs rock'n'roll mother vs lover, father vs the colonel.

elvis grew sideburns as a protest against tom jones' hairy chest.

elvis would have a president named after him.

elvis was one of the boys.

elvis was not one of the boys.

elvis had an acute intelligence disguised as talent.

elvis broke pirscilla's heart.

elvis broke lisa marie's heart.

elvis woke up my heart.

elvis white trash.

elvis the memphis flash.

elvis didn't smoke hash and woulda been a sissy without johnny cash.

elvis didn't dodge the draft.

elvis had his own aircraft.

elvis having a laugh on the lisa marie in a colour photograph.

elvis under the hood.

elvis cadillac blood.

elvis darling bud flowered and returned to the mississippi mud.

elvis ain't gonna rot.

elvis in a memphis plot.

elvis didn't hear the shot but the king died just across the lot from.

elvis vanilla ice cream.

elvis girls of 14.

elvis memphis spleen shooting at the tv reading corinthians 13.

elvis with God on his knees.

elvis on three tvs.

elvis here come the killer bees head full of honey, potato chips and cheese.

elvis the bumper stickers.

elvis the white knickers.

elvis the white nigger ate at burger king and just kept getting bigger.

elvis sang to win.

elvis the battle to be slim.

elvis ate america before america ate him.

elvis stamps, elvis necromance.

elvis fans, elvisp sychphants.

elvis the public enemy.

elvis don't mean shit to chuck d.

elvis changed the centre of gravity.

elvis made it slippy.

elvis hitler, elvis nixon, elvis christ, elvis mishima.

elvis marcus, elvis jackson, elvis the pelvis.

elvis the psalmist, elvis the genius, elvis the generous.

elvis forgive us.

elvis pray for us

elvis aaron presley (1935-1977)

Copyright: Bono 1995

Professor John Sutherland gives his interpretation


John Sutherland

The GuardianTramp

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