Glasvegas at Glastonbury 2009 | Review

They are on their way to greater things, but perhaps need a few more distinctive melodies to become a festival favourite

Who: Glasvegas

Where and when: Other tage, 9.10pm

Dress code: Pick from any colour, as long as it's black. This rule applies to every member of the band bar singer James Allen, who got special dispensation to have a spooky skull emblem painted in white on the back of his biker's jacket. All very cool.

What happened: A band whose debut album only came out a year ago are now out to prove they can make the step up to stadium status. Prestigious support slots with Kings of Leon and U2 this summer have given the band exposure to bigger audiences and new challenges, like how to beef up their garage-y sound so it can fill a huge open field, or how to build a rapport with a sprawling audience. On tonight's evidence they can do both with relative ease. The noise they made was huge, a wall of sound held together by feedback and reverb. As for rapport, Allen is a charismatic frontman, quite often expressionless and, behind his black shades, inscrutable, but full of authority and a brooding intensity. Sadly, they only got to play in front of a small crowd and many of those people left early. Which seemed odd.

Who's watching:
The usual broad sample you'd expect at a main stage, though many seemed to have camped out there all day, unable to move.

High point: Go Square Go, which with it's crude coda ("Here we, here we, here we fucking goooo") makes for good singalong fodder. It was one of the rare occasions that the crowd was fully engaged.

Low point: Be My Baby that, on record, sounds so woozy and stunned, was slowed down another notch for this performance and lost all kind of expression in the process.

In a tweet: Glasvegas are obviously on their way to greater things, but perhaps they need a few more distinctive melodies to become a festival favourite.


Paul MacInnes

The GuardianTramp

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