Carl Barat rejects Libertines reunion offers

According to former bandmate Pete Doherty, Barat has refused millions to reunite with his old group. Instead, he'd rather pursue an acting career

Carl Barat has turned down millions to reunite the Libertines because one day he hopes to perform in a play, he has said.

"I've just freed myself up so the last thing I wanna do is completely burden my mind [with a reunion]," he told BBC 6 Music this week. "No, not right now."

Barat founded the Libertines with Pete Doherty in 1997, disbanding the group due to Doherty's persistent drug problems. Barat's next band, Dirty Pretty Things, split up late last year.

Doherty has spoken recently about a Libertines reunion, telling NME that there were "some ridiculous offers to headline Reading and stuff". "Like £2m to headline this festival, £1m to headline that festival and I said, 'Why don't we just do it?'"

Barat refused, he said, complaining that Doherty was still surrounded by too much "negative energy".

But Barat is also enamoured with acting, following last year's role in Telstar, a biopic of the English producer and songwriter Joe Meek, in which he played rockabilly star Gene Vincent.

"I got into it doing that film thing with Telstar," he told BBC 6 Music. "I was in that, and I've got another thing coming up ... Little bits and bobs."

Though he wants to make "room" in his life for both music and acting, Barat is aware of the challenges. "[It's] something I'm gonna have to commit fully to as well, and that's another demon to conquer really," he said.

Rather than performing standard rock-star cameos, Barat has higher hopes. "I don't really wanna do Holby City or The Bill, you know what I mean? I'd rather do a film really, or I might do a play one day, learn the craft."

Besides, there will still be £2m reunion offers waiting after the craft has been learned.


Sean Michaels

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