First sight: Clocks


Who are they?

Four former schoolpals from Ewell, Surrey who sound like a cross between Oasis, circa Definitely Maybe, and mid-60s Merseybeat bands.

Forward thinking lads, then?

Well, pop has always been about reviving and remodelling, and no one's sounded like this for a while. Besides, songs like Do You Really Know? and Old Valve Radio are terrific.

Old Valve Radio? They really are stuck in the past, aren't they?

Actually it's about taking an old radio for a romantic encounter.

Now much to do in Ewell, then?

Perhaps not, although Petula Clark was born there and for a while in the 70s it was the home of notorious Chelsea hardman Ron "Chopper" Harris, so show respect. Anyway, small town llife hasn't stopped the band from making top showbiz connections. Their manager is former Menswear man Chris Gentry, they had guitar lessons from a man who was once in a skiffle group with Jimmy Page, and guitarist Ed Hilliam's great-grandfather's cousin was in 1920s musical/comedy duo Mr Flotsam and Mr Jetsam.

Where can I hear them?

Behave. They're on tour with One Night Only until March 13, and with Scouting For Girls from March 24. Old Valve Radio is released as a single on Island on April 7. An album follows in the summer. And they're at

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Dave Simpson

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