CD: MGMT, Oracular Spectacular

(Sony BMG)

This is the first great pop record of the year, a fizzing cherry-bomb that sparkles with energy, ideas and a huge love for music in all of its forms. Pillaging pop's kaleidoscopic past, MGMT, a duo from Brooklyn, are throwing a party of historical proportions. It starts with Time to Pretend, a song that siphons the fizz of such distant cousins as Flaming Lips, Queen, Supergrass and Suede, while telling a sarcastic parable about their dreams for the high life. Electric Feel is razor-sharp funk, Pieces of What sounds like the Pixies at their perkiest, and 4th Dimension Transition is the sound of Joe Meek spinning merrily in his grave. All this energy somehow comes together as one, making the whole package so radio-friendly it's practically kissing your aerial.


Jude Rogers

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