Review: The Who

7 out of 10: Sunday, 10.05pm, Pyramid stage. On the day Gordon Brown has become leader of the Labour party, Won't Get Fooled Again has a resonance beyond its crashing power chords.

Stage: Pyramid

Time: Sunday, 10.05pm

Dress code: Trendy granddad. Pete Townshend wears a barely buttoned white shirt and black trousers, Roger Daltrey a black T-shirt, Weller-esque necktie and jeans. Zac Starkey wears a sparkly shirt to match his sparkly drum-kit.

In summary: Townshend may describe the Who as "old fucks" but despite their advancing years they still know how to put on an impressive show. Lights flash, Townshend windmills and Daltrey bashes a tambourine with his eyes closed, as they sail through some rock's greatest hits. The CSI Trilogy - Won't Get Fooled Again, Teenage Wasteland and Who Are You - get the biggest cheers, but Behind Blue Eyes and My Generation are equally impressive. Although Daltrey's voice has seen better days - growling and gurgling vicariously - Townsend's harmonies remain tender, his solos stunning. Though footage of the band in their prime during Can't Explain prompts memories of John Entwistle and Keith Moon and they wander into self-indulgence at times, the Who remain one of the most powerful bands in the world.

Highlight: On the day Gordon Brown has become leader of the Labour party, Won't Get Fooled Again has a resonance beyond its crashing power chords.

Lowlight: The Kids Are Alright is ruined by Daltrey's incapability of reaching the high notes cleanly.

Unusual occurrences: After only one encore, showcasing the trailblazing Tommy, the band leave on an acoustic note with Tea & Theatre.

Mark out of 10: 7

Where they'll on the bill next year: It's taken them 37 years to get here, they won't be back.

Will be talking about this set until: Prince puts in a much-requested performance at Glastonbury next year.


Betty Clarke

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