Review: CSS

9 out of 10. It's hard not be impressed by a sequinned frontwoman who cheerfully crowd surfs above cloacal horror.

Stage: Other

Time: 3.50pm

Dress code: In the case of lead singer Lovefoxx, a poncho bearing the word PROPAGANDA, which is removed to reveal a sequinned multi-coloured catsuit, which in turn is removed to reveal another catsuit. Headband later stolen by audience member during ill-advised but nonetheless impressive crowd-surfing incident.

In summary: Infectious disco-pogo plus a strong candidate for title of best frontwoman in rock equals the perfect remedy for an afternoon scarred by arrival of yet more sodding rain. It's hard not be impressed by willingness of said frontwoman to throw herself into crowd, displaying cheeringly devil-may-care attitude to cloacal horror slopping around their ankles: they clearly breed 'em tough in Brazil. Songs with choruses like "alcohol for everyone!" are bound to "go over" under circumstances, likewise inhaling from helium balloon before making inter-song announcements. Preponderance of fantastic songs towards end of set, Music Is My Hot Hot Sex among them: sense of crowd being entirely won over was difficult to escape.

Highlight: Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above

Lowlight: Theft of Lovefoxx's headband, about which singer is clearly a bit cheesed off.

Unusual occurrences: Attempt at distributing bubble-blowing equipment to crowd a nice idea, but perhaps erring on the overambitious side.

Mark out of 10: 9

Where they'll be on the bill next year: Higher, if there's any justice.

Will be talking about this set until: Given amount of excited chatter among crowd afterwards, some considerable time.


Alexis Petridis

The GuardianTramp

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