Review: !!!, Dance East, 2.10pm

!!!, Dance East, 2.10pm

Stage: Dance East

Time: 2.10pm

Dress code: Wide-brimmed hats of all varieties for the men - from the cricketed style to Crocodile Dundee.

In summary: "Who's on drugs here?" To get the dance tent moving at Friday tea-time is probably not the toughest ask at Glastonbury, but move they did - as the eight-piece New Yorkers tuned their funky post-punk to house music sensibilities. Whilst their singer went mad.

Highlight: The performance of Nic Offer, who fulfilled his responsibilities as frontman with aplomb. Nicking the stomping of a Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger's pucker, he also adopted the crucifix pose of Jim Morrison and hollered into the microphone like James Hatfield.

Lowlight: Offer's upper torso, which looked as if it had consumed a few too many energy shakes when it was revealed to the crowd with 20 minutes to go.

Unusual occurrences: Not so much unusual as well-adapted, the crescendos that the group built into their songs - ably driven by the three-piece percussion section. Simulated perfectly all those interminable build-ups you get in the biggest house albums.

Mark out of 10: 9

Where they'll be on the bill next year: Probably exactly the same place - that's the peril of being a crossover indie/dance band.

Will be talking about this set until: There's no talking just quiet nodding. And chewing.


Paul MacInnes

The GuardianTramp

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