Stage: Leeds NME Tent

Time and date: Sunday 5.45pm

Dress code: Horrible old grunge clobber and black Tshirts. J. Mascis still has hair longer than Rapunzel, although it is now entirely grey.

In summary: It seems a very long time ago that Dinosaur were mentioned in the same breath as Nirvana, Sonic Youth and the Pixies. Although they have the benefit of ear-splitting volume - perhaps because the tent is half full and fails to absorb the noise - Dinosaur sound very very old hat. Hard to believe, in fact, that grungy rhythms and extended wailing guitar solos was ever very trendy.

Highlight: Just Like Heaven. Even Mascis's aged rock axework and trademark soporific drawl can't quite ruin the Cure's pop classic-ish song.

Better than: A brontosaurus. Tad.

Worse than: Nirvana. Sonic Youth. T. Rex. Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Talking point: Why Dinosaur Jr. were booked in such a big tent when they could have probably got their hardcore following in the Carling. Or a camper van.

Mark out of ten: 3

What they'll be up to this time next year: Plumbing.


Dave Simpson

The GuardianTramp

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