Sum 41- Underclass

Anna reckons this lot are more suited to rockin' about flatpack furniture than teen rebellion

Hey, Dudes! We're popular Canadian beat combo Sum 41, and this is our new video, in which we're totally takin' you back to high school! Again!

Sum 41 drummer

That's right, we're wild, we're crazy, and this week, we're going to be totally rocking the great North American tradition of "homecoming", where the pupils of a school that have won some kind of sporting event celebrate their victory by listening to marchin' band music around a bonfire! But are we going to be traditional? Sheah RIGHT!

No, dudes. Because we're Sum 41, we're down with the kids, and we rock. Look. Here's a giant M&M with an Anarchy sign painted on it, and he TOTALLY looks like he's on fire! ROCK!

Sum 41 M'n'M

He's not, of course. Because that would be extremely dangerous.

Seriously, don't try that at home, people. We're not advocating setting giant candy men on fire; it just rocks.

So anyway. We're, like, totally in a playing field or somethin', and this is SO not the usual homecoming party. Because everyone's a punk! I know! We've, like, totally flipped the high school genre! It's totally fly!

Sum 41 punk kidz

Being able to turn the traditional conception of high school inside out has always been, like, a totally phat example of how great a punk-guitar band is, right? Like Nirvana? And Green Day? I mean, Linkin' Park, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, Britney Spears, My Chemical Romance, I couldn't name an important nu-metal band of the last 15 years that HASN'T at some point subverted the high school stereotype!

It's one of the things that make us all so totally unique, right? Right! Party on!

Sum 41 golf ball

Man! That guy's, like, hitting a golf ball off his buddy's head! That's so cool!

Cool, that is, until someone gets hurt.

You know, in the decade or more since we were actually IN high school, we've all become quite fond of calming sports such as the game of kings. There's a great sense of peace one finds on the golf course that's difficult to find anywhere else, don't you find?

But regardless of that, I've been hit by a good number of misaimed balls in my time on the links, and I can tell you, kids, those things hurt. So if you ARE going to hit a golf ball off the top of someone's helmet at a busy party - make sure the ball's path is clear, and that your friend is completely au fait and consensual in the act. OK? Great!

Sum 41 Owwy

Damn, but that's a great shot, right? We think it makes Derrick look really Sex Pistolsish, you think?

He's been sharing Avril Lavigne's team of stylists for a while now, and they've been recommending some great hair products that are perfect for getting the mussed-up punk look, but importantly don't lose any of the hair's essential oils and nutrients. We'll put the brand on our MySpace page for you guys.

We don't use MySpace much anymore though. It's, like, so totally full of high school kids, don't you find? Facebook is so much better. You know, for networking.

Sum 41 high kicks

Look, it's some totally regular cheerleaders.


'Cause they're all, like, totally punky, and ...

What do you mean no one says "not!" anymore? Sure they do! That's what they say in high school!

Well that's what we said when we were in high school, and ... Eat my shorts, what do you mean you weren't born then? You're our fans, damnit.

Sum 41 sicking

What's this? We have footage of a cheerleader making herself sick in this video? Who approved that, guys? Come on, hands up. It's just not right.
I mean, I'm all for social realism in its place, you've all seen my Mike Leigh collection. But there's such a thing as responsibility, and this is supposed to be a ...

Oh, she's doing a "ROCK" symbol with her hand? Oh, yeah, I see now. Sorry for losing my temper, guys. It's something my therapist and I are really trying to work through right now.

Sum 41 marching band

Look! A marching band! In a punk video! A ha ha ha ha! Subverting genres kicks ass, man. It's what being a punk is all about, you dig? Rebellion!

And with the hugeness of that high school musical Disney crap, we just think there's a stereotype being enforced there that really needs taking down, you know?

Sum 41 high school musical

Everyone's having a totally dope time. The whole punk homecoming deal is slammin', and everyone's enjoying the new single, and we can see why - we've heard it described as a visceral burst of high-octane guitar, an energy-filled punk anthem that both rejects the establishment and reinforces the positive feeling of an alternative youth movement. AND it's got a chorus you can't get out of your head! Bonus!

Sum 41 Derrick and kids

Well, it's been just a total blast, but I think we'll be leaving the kids to enjoy their party, now. It's getting late, our wives have been, like, texting to find out where we are, and besides we've got to get on to writing some more songs, dude!

Sum 41 monster

We're thinking of moving into a more adult area, mm-k? You know, like, still rebellion, obviously, but more in a kind of early-thirties kind of way. So more railing against the injustice of property taxes for first-time buyers. And dude, I have a great couple of choruses banging around my head about flatpack furniture, and people who don't leave a good tip in restaurants, yeah? It's like the Stiff Little Fingers meets Seinfeld!

Seinfeld. No, Seinfeld? Ah Come ON, kids, that's still on, isn't it?

Ah that's it. I give up. We're outtie. Laters, dudes.
Peace out.
The end

Watch it here.


Anna Pickard

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