CD: Korn, Take a Look in the Mirror


Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis reckons this is "the best stuff we've ever done", though you'll need to have had your eardrums perforated and your brains pummelled into sludge before you can pass through the glowering portals of Korn-world. The band's most instantly recognisable trademarks are the heaving, grinding noise of Fieldy's bass, David Silviera's subterranean drumming and Davis's ghastly Exorcist-style howling, all boiled up into a black, pulverising stew. Pretty it ain't... except for a few judiciously chosen moments when they allow a glimmer of daylight to intrude, like the intro to Break Some Off or the eerie gliding passages in Everything I've Known.

Otherwise, it's a brutal barrage of staccato beats, club-footed riffs and panzer-division stomps. The "Parental Advisory" sticker seems pretty irrelevant since the words mostly sound like a gang of trolls being ritually disembowelled. If this is for you, you'll know.


Adam Sweeting

The GuardianTramp

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