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‘Who should pay?’: student debt relief in limbo as supreme court decides fate of millions
Over 26m student loan borrowers are waiting for the country’s highest court to decide if they can receive debt relief

Lauren Aratani in New York

28, Dec, 2022 @11:00 AM

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Closed labs, cancelled classes: inside the largest strike to hit US higher education
University of California campuses come to a standstill as 48,000 student workers strike for better pay

Dani Anguiano in Los Angeles

02, Dec, 2022 @11:00 AM

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US student debt relief: borrowers in limbo as lawsuits halt cancellation program
Biden administration’s centerpiece student loan relief measure paused after Trump-appointed judge rules plan is unconstitutional

Erum Salam

26, Nov, 2022 @10:00 AM

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White House urges borrowers to apply for student debt relief despite court order
Federal appeals court temporarily halts Biden’s cancellation of student debt after motion brought by six Republican-led states

Victoria Bekiempis and Associated Press

22, Oct, 2022 @1:39 PM

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Supreme court declines to stop Biden’s $400bn student debt relief plan
Justice Amy Coney Barrett declines request to halt federal judge’s ruling, allowing program to start as soon as Sunday

Sam Levine in New York

21, Oct, 2022 @12:49 PM

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Rightwingers threaten legal action on Biden’s student loan debt relief
Republicans say they will seek to oppose the student loan forgiveness in the courts and are making it a key talking point in the midterm elections

Erum Salam

16, Sep, 2022 @10:00 AM

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‘A patronisingly small amount’: Guardian readers on Biden’s student loan relief plan
The president has announced plans to cancel $10,000 in debt for millions of borrowers – but has he gone far enough?

Alfie Packham and Guardian readers

02, Sep, 2022 @9:00 AM

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Bernie Sanders rebukes GOP for backing corporate tax breaks but not student debt relief
Senator says, ‘I don’t hear any of these Republicans squawking when we give massive tax breaks to billionaires’

Sam Levine in New York

28, Aug, 2022 @3:38 PM

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Share your views on Biden’s student loan forgiveness policy for millions
We want to hear from you about Biden’s student loan debt relief program, and what impact the policy will have on your finances

Guardian community team

25, Aug, 2022 @12:31 PM

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Biden says his student loan relief is ‘life-changing’. Will it fix the system’s inequities?
The initiative’s income cap and unclear bureaucratic process could fail to address the racial disparities that already exist

Edwin Rios

25, Aug, 2022 @12:00 PM

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Student loan forgiveness: what you need to know about Biden’s plan
Who qualifies and how to apply for the forgiveness plan, and will the student loan payment freeze be extended?

Associated Press

24, Aug, 2022 @9:50 PM

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Biden must cancel all student loan debt, including for those with graduate degrees | Derecka Purnell
Politicians argue that canceling student debt will mainly benefit doctors and lawyers. But it is first-generation graduates of color who are struggling to make payments

Derecka Purnell

20, Jul, 2022 @10:21 AM

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