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After making a draught excluder on Saturday (Mind the gap: draught excluders are back as Britons rush to cut energy bills, 17 December), I’m left wondering if it would have been more thermally effective to wear the towel, four pairs of socks, two pairs of tights, three vests and three pairs of knickers I needed to stuff it. I expect government advice on this soon.
Jean Lawton
Woodchester, Gloucestershire

• You say that Sir Simon Robey has “earned” £154m since setting up Robey Warshaw (Report, 16 December). Nobody earns that amount of money. I think the word you’re looking for is “trousered”.
Paul Michell

• Was Lord Frost’s trousering of £26,090 “compensation” for voluntarily quitting his ministerial office after nine months his way of “making the most of post-Brexit ‘opportunities’” (Report, 17 December)?
Dr Anthony Isaacs

• Many thanks to David Sands (Letters, 16 December) for showing frazzled cat-owners how to get one to swallow a pill. Just drop it on the floor and curiosity will do the rest.
Patricia Whittaker
Hedon, East Yorkshire

• Film canisters are too useful to be hoarded empty (Letters, 16 December). Witness an example from my late dad’s stash containing “Fuses, may be no good”.
Cat Bracey

• At last, a proper explanation of Trussonomics (Traces of suspected cocaine found after parties in Liz Truss’s grace-and-favour house, say staff, 16 December).
Paul Davidson

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