It took all my energy to get EDF to install a meter for my flat

There was only one supplying two flats and I needed my own

I bought my flat in 2016 in a building that had been newly converted into two flats. The developer’s solicitor confirmed in writing that each of the flats had its own electricity account. However, when I moved in, I discovered a single meter covers the two properties and the communal areas. I agreed with the other flat owner that we would split the bills until we get separate meters. However, he now says he won’t pay his half because it’s “too expensive”.

I asked our supplier, EDF Energy, to install new meters and it referred me to the distribution company, UK Power Networks, to get supply numbers. It told me it can only deal directly with EDF.

EDF then claimed it can’t apply for separate meters because Royal Mail still had the property listed as one address. Royal Mail required formal notification from the council to update the addresses and I had to pay its numbering department £186 to sort this out.

When, after weeks, Royal Mail updated its records, I contacted EDF again. This time it told me it can’t help because it only installs smart meters to new connections and technicians in my area aren’t trained to fit them.

I tried to switch to another company, but as the neighbour isn’t paying his share of the bills, I can’t.

LO, London

Given EDF’s subcontractor has a shortage of qualified technicians, you are unlikely to be the only one waiting for service. You might still be if you hadn’t turned to the media.

A week after the Observer raised questions, EDF bought in a technician from another area, so you now have separate meters. The company admits you received substandard service but only compensated you for the missed visits.

In the meantime, you took the developer who sold you the flat to court, and have received a payout for expenses you incurred.

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