PayPal's buyer protection is short-lived

When a supplier went bust without delivering the goods, PayPal customer discovered the time had run out on a refund

I ordered a piece of furniture online from Lodge Furniture on 2 March. Delivery was estimated for 9 April. When I didn't receive any update by 16 April, I chased the seller and was told there was a delay in shipment and I'd receive it within a week of it arriving in cargo on 30 April. Since then, Lodge Furniture has gone into liquidation.

Having paid through PayPal, I felt comforted by its "buyer protection". However, when I lodged a dispute its software immediately closed the request, stating it was later than 45 days so I couldn't claim. If I had purchased using a credit card I would obtain this refund quite easily. Does paying via PayPal leave me without any protection? It seems to wash its hands of issues after 45 days. GO, Brighton

PayPal confirmed that its buyer protection policy requires customers to raise a dispute within 45 days and then file a claim within a further 20. Outside of that, you're on your own, unlike shoppers who pay with a credit card who are protected through the Section 75 part of the consumer credit act.

If you use your debit card to load your PayPal account, and then use that account to make a purchase, you are unlikely to be able to use the chargeback facility if there is a problem with that purchase. The transaction is considered to take place the moment you load the PayPal account, not when you use that account to pay, and chargeback has a 120 day limit.

You therefore faced having to make a formal claim from the solicitors looking after Lodge Furniture's liquidation. Thankfully, PayPal agreed to give you a full refund as you are a "longstanding customer". You are delighted.

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