PayPal: I was given the boot over fake Uggs

Unwitting eBay purchase of counterfeit footwear seems to have left me without a leg to stand on

I purchased a pair of Ugg Boots on eBay paying £94.50 via PayPal. They turned out to be fake.

I notified eBay, which cancelled the seller's account (but this has since resurfaced using a different name).

PayPal is less than helpful with my refund. My credit card company will not entertain a chargeback as payment­ was through PayPal.

Can you get me my cash back? CA, London

PayPal asked you to get independent retailers to confirm the boots were fake – the price you paid was roughly in line with legitimate sellers, so the "you can't say you didn't know it was counterfeit if you only paid £20 for a Rolex" line does not apply.

Two retailers told you they were not the real Ugg, but both were reluctant to put this in writing in case anyone sued.

Trading Standards in Manchester (where the seller lives) investigated but they would not talk to you.

When Capital Letters intervened, PayPal approached Trading Standards which then agreed to release its report on the boots showing they are fake.

With this evidence, PayPal will refund your money while Trading Standards will destroy the boots.

We welcome letters but regret we cannot answer individually. Email: Please include a daytime phone number


Tony Levene

The GuardianTramp

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