Tony Hart

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Here’s one that sailed earlier … sketch that launched the Blue Peter badge
Auction reveals how Tony Hart’s work on another BBC project inspired his galleon for the children’s show

Vanessa Thorpe Arts and Media Correspondent

10, Jan, 2021 @6:15 AM

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Reports of Tony Hart's second death are greatly exaggerated
People expressed their condolences as the news of Tony Hart’s death swept social media six years after it actually occurred, leading to mockery by other users

Kevin Rawlinson

16, Feb, 2015 @1:19 PM

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The best Children’s TV presenters - in pictures
As Blue Peter’s 35th recruit begins to win over fans…

Gemma Kappala-Ramsamy

30, Jan, 2011 @12:04 AM

Morph flash mob

Morphs made by fans of Tony Hart form a flash mob of tiny plasticine figures on the ground outside the Tate Modern

02, Mar, 2009 @10:05 AM

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Michael Landy: How Tony Hart gave me my big break

Michael Landy: I was 15 when the BBC told me they had chosen one of my pictures for the Take Hart gallery

Michael Landy

20, Jan, 2009 @12:01 AM

Tony Hart: Vision On, Morph, Hartbeat and more

Following the death of children's artist Tony Hart, we look back at his 50-year television career, including Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat

19, Jan, 2009 @2:36 PM

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Nosheen Iqbal: The agony and the ecstasy of Tony Hart's Gallery
Nosheen Iqbal: Submitting your finest childhood artworks to the mystifying quality control of the Hartbeat Gallery was a painful process. But nothing could compete with the joy of finally making the cut

Nosheen Iqbal

19, Jan, 2009 @1:25 PM

Organ Grinder: A YouTube tribute to children's TV presenter Tony Hart

Steve Busfield: Clips celebrating the much-loved presenter's work, from Vision On to Hartbeat

Steve Busfield

19, Jan, 2009 @12:43 PM

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Gareth McLean: I never made it to the Gallery ... and other childhood disappointments

Gareth McLean: I always suspected foul play - how else could Tony Hart have failed to acknowledge my art? Please share your stories of rejection. Oh, and Demons really isn't any good is it?

Gareth McLean

19, Jan, 2009 @12:07 PM

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Obituary: Tony Hart

Obituary: Television presenter who showed countless children that making art could be fun

Dennis Barker

19, Jan, 2009 @12:01 AM

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Tony Hart, artist and inspiration for children, dies at 83 | From 2009

Presenter created the original Blue Peter badge and received two Bafta awards

Alexandra Topping

19, Jan, 2009 @12:01 AM

Tony Hart, thanks for the macaroni montages
He believed every child loved to draw, and wanted every one of them to try

Alexandra Topping

18, Jan, 2009 @4:39 PM

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