Peta Buscombe

PCC throws a farewell party as Ipso prepares to take over

Chairmen and directors turn up to toast the deceased regulator

Roy Greenslade

21, Mar, 2014 @12:27 PM

Yes to press freedom - but 'a dab of statute' will stop abuses of freedom

Roy Greenslade is sympathetic to the thousands of innocent journalists but reluctantly accepts the need for statutory regulation

Roy Greenslade

19, Oct, 2012 @10:44 AM

Why the Mark Lewis settlement with the Met is so important

Roy Greenslade on the significance of last week's announcement in the high court of a settlement between a lawyer and Scotland Yard

Roy Greenslade

18, Jun, 2012 @9:13 AM

Hacking book: Leveson has to get to grips with newsroom cultures

Roy Greenslade presents the penultimate extract of The phone hacking scandal: journalism on trial. It's by former ITN chief Stewart Purvis

Roy Greenslade

04, Apr, 2012 @8:35 AM

Hacking book: negotiating News International's ethical minefield

Roy Greenslade's latest extract from The phone hacking scandal: journalism on trial is taken from a chapter by one of the book's editors, John Mair

Roy Greenslade

26, Mar, 2012 @7:00 AM

Hacking book - The Guardian's five-year struggle to reveal the truth

Roy Greenslade: This third extract relates the diary of events that led to the exposure of News International's false 'rogue reporter' defence

Roy Greenslade

08, Mar, 2012 @9:37 AM

Stig, an articulate and passionate believer in press self-regulation

Roy Greenslade salutes the outgoing director of the Press Complaints Commission and wonders about its likely future

Roy Greenslade

09, Feb, 2012 @8:44 AM

PCC director Stephen Abell departs

Commission appoints 'director of transition' to oversee its expected post-Leveson demise

Roy Greenslade

09, Feb, 2012 @8:00 AM

Leveson inquiry: Buscombe's final hurrah upsets just about everyone

Roy Greenslade argues that the former PCC chair does raise one excellent point - what is this thing called 'the newspaper industry'?

Roy Greenslade

08, Feb, 2012 @11:21 AM

PCC's former chief Peta Buscombe gives evidence to the Leveson inquiry – video

The former chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, Baroness Buscombe, says she was 'uncomfortable' with the 2009 hacking report

07, Feb, 2012 @3:34 PM

Former PCC chair admits it lacked power to tackle phone hacking
Baroness Buscombe denies at Leveson inquiry she defended status quo and claims she wanted reform. By Dan Sabbagh

Dan Sabbagh

07, Feb, 2012 @3:22 PM

Hunt chosen as 'wartime' PCC chief

Roy Greenslade: Press self-regulation depends on the new man finding a way to institute reforms to placate its many critics

Roy Greenslade

13, Oct, 2011 @12:06 PM

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