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Written by the stars: assessing the unlikely celebrity authors of children's books
As John Cena and Lupita Nyong’o ink deals to write kids literature, they join a surprisingly long list of celebrities trying to appeal to a younger audience

Stuart Heritage

08, Feb, 2018 @11:30 AM

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Kim Kardashian on Instagram: one old acquaintance that should not be forgot
After observing 10 weeks of radio silence, the world was treated to a video of Kim’s twerking backside, plus a side-serving of pointless bile from Perez Hilton

Marina Hyde

15, Dec, 2016 @4:50 PM

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Brangelina brings the first wave of self-cancelling celebrity news
The divorce ‘stories’ are coming so thick and fast that none seems to have any salience for more than a couple of hours

Peter Preston

25, Sep, 2016 @6:00 AM

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15 things we've learned from Celebrity Big Brother 2015
From Patsy Kensit’s foul mouth and Perez Hilton’s foul ways to Katie Price’s alarming candour and Katie Hopkins’s relentless trolling, above all it’s been a series of adult content warnings

Michael Hogan

05, Feb, 2015 @12:37 PM

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Perez Hilton: ‘I needed to stop hiding behind this character that I created’
The celebrity blogger tells Tim Lewis that being a father and getting called out by Jennifer Lawrence have changed him

Tim Lewis

26, Oct, 2014 @8:45 AM

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Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna among celebrity victims of hacked nude photos
Lawyers for Lawrence and Kate Upton warn of prosecution over 'outrageous privacy violation' but experts say more photos likely

Alexandra Topping

01, Sep, 2014 @8:46 PM

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Would the fake Denzel Washington spokesman please step forward?

Denzel Washington's office has no issue with our recent interview with the Hollywood star. So why are so many US news sites still insisting they do, asks Xan Brooks

Xan Brooks

28, Feb, 2013 @5:43 PM

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Azealia Banks apologises for homophobic slur against Perez Hilton
Rapper slammed by US gay rights organisation after she used homophobic language to attack celebrity blogger

Sean Michaels

07, Jan, 2013 @11:42 AM

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Perez Hilton looks back on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's divorce | Eyewitness 2012
29 June: Hollywood's most famous couple, TomKat, divorces after five years of marriage

Perez Hilton, columnist and TV personality

23, Dec, 2012 @12:09 AM

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TV review: Perez Hilton: Superfan; Frozen Planet
What was Lady Gaga like? The mighty ego of Perez Hilton gave us no chance to find out, writes Lucy Mangan

Lucy Mangan

07, Dec, 2011 @11:00 PM

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Perez Hilton interview: 'I'm sassy, without being nasty'

John Plunkett: Showbiz blogger talks about his ITV2 show, Perez Hilton: Superfan and why he doesn't 'out' stars any more

John Plunkett

04, Dec, 2011 @6:16 PM

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Oscars 2011: Where to spot a celebrity in LA

Everyone who was ever famous is in LA for Oscars weekend. Perez Hilton, Jessica Radloff and our panel of Hollywood experts suggest the best places to spot them...

26, Feb, 2011 @12:07 AM

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