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Chris Cuomo’s ethical troubles at CNN highlight rise of ‘info-tainment’
The primetime host and brother of the disgraced New York governor is one of a number of cable TV hosts accused of blurring the lines of journalism

Alice Hutton

15, Aug, 2021 @6:00 AM

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'Kornacki khakis for the win!' Internet agrees MSNBC host is trousers icon
Presenter helps dun-coloured pants also worn by President-elect Biden roar back into geek chic fashion

Priya Elan

10, Jan, 2021 @7:00 AM

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'He understands Washington': Joe Scarborough finds echoes of Truman in Biden
The Morning Joe host, author of a new book on Harry S Truman, sees parallels in the two presidents’ efforts to rebuild

David Smith in Washington

29, Nov, 2020 @9:00 AM

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TV networks left in limbo as America struggles to decide who won election
As no clear winner emerged, the news channels did their best not to get caught out

Archie Bland

04, Nov, 2020 @9:03 AM

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A fine line between sympathy and blame as liberals respond to Trump infection
Some, such as Joe Biden, offered simple well wishes, while others, such as Nancy Pelosi, noted the president’s own role in the pandemic

Victoria Bekiempis

03, Oct, 2020 @6:00 AM

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Nikki Haley has gotten where she is by embracing oppression, not fighting it | Arwa Mahdawi
The successes of women like Nikki Haley are held up as ‘proof’ misogyny and racism don’t exist

Arwa Mahdawi

11, Jul, 2020 @1:00 PM

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Widower asks Twitter to delete Trump's 'horrifying' lies about wife's death
Twitter says it won’t delete tweets in which the president spreads lie that Joe Scarborough was involved in Lori Klausutis’s death

Tom McCarthy in New York

26, May, 2020 @7:04 PM

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‘You look great for your age’ – and other compliments to avoid
Kristin Scott Thomas is fed up of having to say thank you when someone says she’s still got it. And there are plenty of other comments that are apt to backfire

Zoe Williams

03, Mar, 2020 @3:55 PM

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Chris Matthews retires and apologizes for comments on women
Hardball host abruptly steps down amid criticism of his behavior toward women and remarks on Bernie Sanders

Lois Beckett

03, Mar, 2020 @2:00 AM

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Rachel Maddow on her critics: ‘Your hatred makes me stronger. Come on! Give me more!’
The MSNBC host’s show has become a safety blanket for many US progressives. She discusses her demonisation by the right, tackling the president’s lies – and coming out at 17

David Smith in New York

02, Feb, 2020 @2:00 PM

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The pundit class continues to misunderstand Bernie Sanders – and it shows | Nathan Robinson
Sanders returns again and again to issues that matter to ordinary people: healthcare, student debt and climate change – issues which are not a priority for the mainstream media

Nathan Robinson

08, Oct, 2019 @5:18 PM

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Why are the US news media so bad at covering climate change?
The US news media devote startlingly little time to climate change – how can newsrooms cover it in ways that will finally resonate with their audiences?

Kyle Pope and Mark Hertsgaard

22, Apr, 2019 @3:59 PM

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