Martin Townsend

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Tom Bower to speak to NUJ after being barred from Express offices
Author of unpublished Richard Desmond biography to speak at event to mark world press freedom day

Roy Greenslade

13, Apr, 2015 @12:25 PM

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Get the Daily and Sunday Express, Britain's liveliest newspapers, free
Titles that have been ‘at the forefront of great journalism for 115 years’

Roy Greenslade

24, Feb, 2015 @12:19 PM

NUJ to Richard Desmond: sell Express Newspapers to someone who cares

Sunday Express facing meltdown, says staffer

Roy Greenslade

08, Oct, 2014 @7:14 AM

Sunday Express theatre critic fired over gay website pictures

Mark Shenton accused of bringing paper into disrepute

Roy Greenslade

05, Dec, 2013 @3:43 PM

News of the World contenders miss an open goal

The Sunday red-tops may have added sales, but they filled a vacuum with a vacuum. Analysis by Roy Greenslade

Roy Greenslade

18, Jul, 2011 @7:15 AM

Sunday Express editor writes about his 'fabulous' cruise holiday

I wondered why the Sunday Express was livelier than usual this week. Then I discovered a possible reason - editor Martin Townsend was on holiday

Roy Greenslade

26, Jul, 2010 @8:22 AM

Roy Greenslade: Why the Sunday Express keeps losing readers

The Sunday Express, the paper that specialises in publishing stories that stretch the truth to breaking point, came up with another page one winner at the weekend, QUEEN NEEDS LOTTO CASH

Roy Greenslade

06, Jul, 2010 @11:24 AM

I'm not Richard Desmond's puppet, Sunday Express editor tells court
As libel trial continues, Martin Townsend denies his newspaper was used to settle vendettas. By Helen Pidd

Helen Pidd

16, Jul, 2009 @1:42 PM

Memo to Sunday Express editor...

Sunday Express headline yesterday: IMMIGRANTS: ENOUGH, SAY MPs. Memo to editor Martin Townsend, who urges people to think poor in his latest column, time to "think tolerance" by curbing the prejudicial headlines and stories.

Roy Greenslade

08, Sep, 2008 @6:38 AM

Why the Sunday Express is so unpopular

I note that the Sunday Express took another sales nose dive last month to record an average weekly sale of just 673,840. Could the continuing circulation slide have anything to do with the readers' dislike of its scandalous Madeleine McCann coverage? Possibly. Or has it more to do with the whimsical, but pointless, columns by the paper's editor, Martin Townsend ? Also possible. But I believe it has more to do with the growing distaste for its owner, Richard Desmond. In true Maxwellian form a sweaty picture of Dirty Des appeared in this week's issue (arm around Lulu, poor her) at a charity function arranged by, of course, Desmond himself. Expect another sales drop this month.

Roy Greenslade

12, May, 2008 @8:37 AM

Martin takes his chances on Planet Desmond

He's swapped the glamour of OK! for the Sunday Express hot seat. But he says he's not going there as Richard Desmond's puppet. So why is Martin Townsend afraid to talk to Roy Greenslade?

Roy Greenslade

28, May, 2001 @3:04 PM

'I'm no Desmond puppet' says Townsend

9.30am: New Sunday Express editor Martin Townsend has denied he will be Richard Desmond's 'puppet', writes Daniel Rogers.

22.05.2001: Townsend brings OK! closer

22.05.2001: Sunday Express editor asked to leave

Special report: Express takeover

Daniel Rogers

25, May, 2001 @3:04 PM

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